Valley Springs, CA

This FATASS event is basically a free event that allows people to get together and go for a run. It is NOT a race, so don't expect aid station, course markings, or swag.... That being said, we plan on having an aid station vehicle located mid point of the course.

Why are we moving to a FATASS style? The honest answer, the RD is f*cking tired!

I, the RD (Paulo Medina) love this trails and this weekend,  I love the campgrounds, the time spent with my friends, roasting a whole pig for everyone, I love my kids getting involved and seeing them run around, and I also enjoy the community. But, I hate the work and the level of commitment that it takes when the event is a paid event. Runners pay for a service and I have to deliver, therefore, I never fully get to enjoy the weekend. This time, runners will get exactly what they paid for... nada.... that being said, I/we will provide food, beer and the time that it takes to get organize the shenanigans. Keep reading for more information.

The whole Mokelumne River Coast to Creat trail section is a point to point trail that covers up to 50km, the trail can be accessed at different points for those that would like to run shorter.

We will have two groups: GROUP 1 - 50km & Marathon, GROUP 2 - Half Marathon

Both groups will meet at the GOLD RUN campsite on Saturday. We will organize carpooling options to leave at 8am, to start running by 9am. It can be pretty hot, so make sure you can self sufficient and are up to the mileage. This trails and conditions are not for begineers to try a new distance.

We will provide gpx file that can be downloaded to your phone or watch, the course is also easy to follow by PAYING ATTENTION to the signs.

Every person that plans on running, must have a trail pass, which can be purchased online, or at the kiosk when entering the park. 


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