The Mogollon Monster 100 is a rugged, challenging trail race taking place about 90 minutes northeast of Phoenix, Arizona just outside the small town of Pine, Arizona.  The Mogollon Monster includes the advanced degree endurance race of 100 miles, with the addition of 105 Kilometer race and 35 Kilometer.  The races navigate up, down, around and through the beautiful Mogollon Rim (Pronounced: mug-ee-yun or muggy-own by locals).

The Mogollon Rim rises out from the earth some 2,000 feet for a span of 200 miles across Arizona and into New Mexico, defining much of the eastern part of the state.  This Rim takes the race from elevations of 5,300 feet at the start to upwards of 8,000 feet at the top of the Rim, changing ecosystems along the way in distinct flora changes as the elevation changes switch the scenery from high Sonoran Desert to the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world.  

The race covers roughly 100 miles, climbing the Rim in four separate locations spending a lot of miles along the Rim, on top of the Rim and the challenging climbs up and down with climbs and descents at 30-45% grades at a some points. Expect to climb a total of approximately 20,000 feet along the way, never below 5,200 feet and never above 8,000 feet in elevation.  While other races are certainly at higher elevations, and/or with more climbing, they certainly do not contain as rugged a terrain that is found on this course.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
09/10/22 108 22:48:52 29:48:26
09/11/21 88 20:52:07 27:55:43
09/12/20 Race Cancelled
09/14/19 77 21:33:04 27:24:29
09/15/18 68 22:49:13 26:11:17
09/16/17 57 20:13:07 27:45:43
09/17/16 33 23:16:31 26:04:46
09/25/15 33 25:07:00 30:49:00
09/28/13 24 21:34:00 32:04:00
09/28/12 9 22:24:00
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
09/11/21 26 15:29:20 17:00:49
09/12/20 23 13:27:29 15:50:15
09/14/19 19 15:24:17 20:42:06
09/15/18 21 13:37:13 15:18:12
09/16/17 15 13:50:26 19:05:34
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