Reading, PA

As we've said before, nothing's more frustrating than getting to the end of a race & realizing that YOU have so much more "left" but no more COURSE "left"! You say to yourself, "Man, if this 5k were just a 5 miler" or "if this 10 Miler were just a Half Marathon" (and so on), I could run a REALLY GREAT time today!" Well, WE have a solution for YOU! The Labor Pain 12 Hr. Trail Race lets you run as LONG as your heart, quads & inner thigh skin cooperate! The "Pain" is a wheel measured 5 mile trail loop that's 95% single/double track rustic trails and 5% dirt roads, asphalt, grass & the bodies of those collapsing before you. It has slight uphills & downhills & many, many flat sections; past entries said that they love the "variety. But most of all, it is a FUN, FUN way for you to achieve distances you've never run before. And that's the key, since the awards are based totally on HOW FAR you run; your "time" only factors in when breaking ties. The loop starts/finishes at the Reading Liederkranz and you'll repeatedly run past their outside bar, our aide station (there's one @ 2.6 miles too), your tent if you pitch one (looked like Woodstock last year) and your cheering ?peeps? that'll be bored by the end of the 2nd lap. Rest when you want, eat when you want, run when you want and go as far as your body and mind will take you. Better yet, try to reach one of our "milestone distances": 26.2M, 50K, 40M, 50M or 100K because if you reach one of these, the personalized hoody that we send you approx 6 weeks after the race will let the world know that you made it at least that far! Join us for a race that drew 250+ runners the past 3 years. Run continuously. Or run for awhile, rest for awhile and run for some more. In fact, one person ran for 25M in 2013 and was so woozy that he went to the emergency ward, then came back 2 ½ hours later to run another 6 miles to get his 50k. We don?t RECOMMEND that as a rule, but whatever approach you take, you'll still have a ball and still proba


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
09/03/23 196 65 50
09/04/22 159 62.1 60
09/05/21 183 70 62.1
09/01/19 303 75 62
09/02/18 275 70 65
09/03/17 259 62 62
09/04/16 230 64.9998 64.9998
09/06/15 170 70 62
08/31/14 146 70 70
09/01/13 162 70 65
09/03/12 161 75 65
09/04/11 136 65 60
09/05/10 99 72.6 55
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
11/22/20 148 72 52