Columbia, NJ

The course follows the Appalachian Trail for approximately 26.5 miles to Route 206 at the border of Hampton and Frankford Townships. Make a left at 206 and follow it for 1/4 mile to Woods Road.  Turn left on Woods Road and follow the pavement until you reach a trailhead at the end of the lake. Once you hit the trailhead, follow it for approximately 2 miles until you come to a 4 way intersection of dirt roads.  (There will be a gate and a large boulder slightly to your left.)  Turn left at the gate and follow the trail uphill.  This is Brinks Road.  You will re-cross the AT at the top of the hill.  Stay on Brinks Road and continue downhill until you hit pavement.  This is Route 521.  Turn right on Route 521 and follow it for .75 miles until you reach Crandon Lakes.  (Careful: Stay on 521 as it turns left after the bridge. Continue to the entrance to Crandon Lakes on your right.) East Shore Dive will be another left. Follow East Shore Drive to the parking lot across from the beach. Finish at Crandon Lakes East Beach. This is a tough single track course until Route 206. There are a lot of climbs and a lot of rocks on the Appalachian Trail. There are no aid stations. We will cross Millbrook Road at approximately mile 11. Some water will be left at different points on the trail. Usually miles 22.5 and 29.


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