Morgantown, WV

Free fun run style 50k or marathon on a gradual decline. Requires a crew member to pick you up at the finish and requires you to carry all the food or water you could possibly need.

This free fun run is SELF-SUPPORTED and requires participants to:

1. Have another person with them for transportation. Someone has to pick you up at the finish. Or find another runner and drop one car at the finish and ride together to the start. 
2. Carry your food and water. Or have a crew member do this. There will not be food or clean water along the way. 

So, that’s the hard news. Here’s the good news (besides the already phenomenal fact that this costs $0):

The course features an out and back on Deckers Creek Trail followed by a point to point gradual descent. The crew member will have to drop off their runner and pick them up at the end. The crew member may provide aid and support along the way so that their runner doesn’t have to run with 800 pounds of water. 

The surface is smooth, groomed limestone. The last mile will contain some pavement. The first 13 miles will be basically flat, and the rest of the run will be a gradual downhill. The course will not be marked besides with the permanent mile markers. Detailed course instructions will be emailed to each runner. It’s a linear trail, so you won’t get lost going straight. Just gotta make sure you get in the miles in the right order. 


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