New Auburn, WI

Chippewa 50k trail race started in 2008 with Wynn Davis as the race director and help from Matt Patten and Larry Peterson. The first year was ran in 12 inches of snow from a surprise spring snowstorm then made the run memorable and extremely difficult. However the beauty of the course and the excellent leadership had people come back the next year.

After two years of putting the race on Wynn found that he had to focus on "work" and bringing his running to the next level which brought him to seek a new race director. Jeff Allen reached out to Wynn to see if Frontrunner could carry the race and for the next 8 years Randy Fulton of Frontrunner and Jeff Allen kept the race going. A 10k trail race was added in 2010 to encourage others who might not be ready for an ultra but want to experience trail running.

50K COURSE – Starts and finishes at the Chippewa Moraine Center. It is an out and back course. You start right in front of the center and within 100 yards you have your first decent which then becomes a nice little hill greeting you at the finish. The first three miles and the last three miles are the trails of the “Circle Loop” from the center. The remaining miles are all ran on the Ice Age Trail. The first 5 miles of the course is marked with mile markers which will be used then as a countdown of miles to go as you come back. The course from the start is marked with orange survey flags on your right on the way out which then on the way back, the flags will be on our your left. At intersections and road crossing you need to “connect” the flags on which way to go. You will have to cross Cty Road M twice so please use caution at this intersection. There is many, many, many little hills on the course with some roots and rocks.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
04/22/23 119 4:17:36 5:24:49
04/23/22 131 4:33:38 5:28:08
04/25/21 50 3:44:36 4:34:34
04/24/21 49 3:48:57 4:56:55
04/23/21 48 4:52:28 4:42:00
04/25/20 Race Cancelled
04/27/19 206 4:11:48 4:53:30
04/28/18 195 3:50:17 4:34:41
04/28/17 174 3:37:24 4:50:46
04/23/16 176 3:47:19 4:55:51
04/25/15 164 3:45:05 4:44:37
04/26/14 228 3:58:34 4:42:48
04/27/13 192 4:08:57 4:58:06
04/28/12 160 3:51:27 4:35:48
04/23/11 131 3:59:39 4:45:53
04/10/10 56 4:17:48 4:41:00
04/25/09 142 3:59:40 4:41:20
04/12/08 119 5:00:37 5:43:54