Cactus Roulette is a duration trail race hosted by the Lawrence Trail Hawks with 4 time options - 24 hours, 12 hour pm (Owl), 12 hour am (Lark), and 6 hours. There are three different loops ranging from 2.6 to 3.8 miles. Prior to each loop, runners will spin a roulette wheel to determine which loop they run next.

Base camp for the race will be at Group Camp 3 at Clinton Lake State Park in Lawrence, Kansas. Each loop will begin and end at base camp. There will be food, water, porta potties, heaters, and access to personal drop bags. 


+ Every starter for every time option will receive a completion award - no DNFs.
+ There will be hand-crafted artisanal awards for first, second, and third place female and male finishers for all 4 time options.
+ First place female and male finishers (runners who run the farthest distance in their time block) will win free entry for the Cactus Roulette in 2024. Additionally, first place 24 hour finishers, both female and male, will receive a cash award of $250 (must complete a minimum of 100 miles to receive).
+ 24 hour runners who complete 100 or more miles will receive custom belt buckles with their exact mileage that will be mailed to them after the race.
+ Custom SWAG will be given to starters in each time option.
+ Photos provided by Mile 90. 


+ All three loops will be run counter-clockwise for the duration of the event.
+ Each loop will be color-coded to match the roulette wheel. 
+ There will be three separate starting mats, one for each loop. Runners will cross their specific starting mat at the beginning of each loop.
+ SWIM BEACH (Blue) Technical trail on blue and white trails. 3.8 miles with 334 ft of elevation. 
+ CACTUS RIDGE (Green) Technical trail on the north side of West Park Road (N 1415 Rd). 2.9 miles with 212 ft of elevation.
+ BUNKER HILL (Red) Cross-country field conditions with two steep climbs. 2.6 miles with 125 ft of elevation. 
+ Live results will be posted on monitors at base camp.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
01/28/24 9 41.5 31.7
01/29/23 6 35.3 31.2
01/29/22 3 32 32.6
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
01/27/24 9 50.7 42.4
01/27/24 15 43.9 44.6
01/29/23 5 47.2 37.3
01/28/23 12 48.3 44.1
01/29/22 9 60.4 40.8
01/29/22 4 44.2 40.9
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
01/27/24 15 97.2 84.1
01/28/23 19 101.1 70.2
01/29/22 6 76.1 30.8