Dousman, WI

The Bunk House Trail Run offers 50K, 30K, and 10K distances for runners of all abilities.  This event is dedicated to the legacy of Tom and Loraine Bunk, who have been a cornerstone of the trail running community in Wisconsin for a long time.  All past proceeds from this event have been used for construction of a year-round shelter building at the Scuppernong trailhead; future proceeds will be used for additional projects in the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

The course is a challenging 10K+ loop (not a PR course!); 50K and 30K runners will do multiple loops, reversing direction each lap.  We will have a fully stocked manned aid station with various food and fluids located at the start/finish area; runners will also be able to have a drop bag at this spot.

Additional Distances

This event also has the following non ultra distances

10 KM 30 KM


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
05/25/24 34 4:10:12 7:22:00
05/27/23 27 4:16:05 4:58:33
05/28/22 25 4:46:17 5:39:09
05/29/21 35 3:59:30 5:48:40
07/25/20 23 4:42:13 6:31:22
05/25/19 26 4:38:42 5:35:13
05/26/18 23 5:10:03 5:32:03
05/27/17 18 5:00:40 5:38:50
05/28/16 8 5:17:24 6:39:29