UltraRunning November 2014


The Long View
News and Notes

Nutrition, Training & Racing
ASK ANN | Bike to Run, by Ann Trason
NUTRITION | Aid Station Basics, by Sunny Blende
ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Comrades: The Ultimate Human Race, by Ellie Greenwood
FROM THE COACH | The Ultrarunner’s Off-season, by Ian Sharman
GEAR REVIEW | Injury Prevention and Management, by Donald Buraglio, MPT
Foam Rolling Bascis, by Donald Buraglio, MPT

RUNNING WISE | Trail Running the Army Way, by Gary Dudney
VIEW FROM THE OPEN ROAD | Because it is There, by Gary Cantrell
NOW, AND THEN | Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning: A Review, by Joe Uhan
The Essence of Ultrarunning, by Dr. Duncan Simpson

At The Races

Featured Races
Leadville, by Michael Aish
Superior Fall Trail Races, by Amy Clark and John Storkamp
Wasatch, by John Moellmer
Overlook Endurance Runs, by Chris O’Connor

Race Reports
Angeles Crest, by Jean Ho and Ken Hamada
Beast of Burden – Summer, by Stacey (Arnold) Michne
Burning River, by Troy Shellhamer
Cascade Crest, by Rick White
Eastern States 100, by Andrew Meisler
Headwaters 50K, by Charlie Unkefer
Marlette 50K, by Clint Welch
San Juan Solstice, by Jerry Gray
Silver State, by John Trent
Tamalpa Headlands 50K, by George Frazier
Waldo 100K, by Meghan Arbogast

International Scene
UTMB, by John Catts
The Alps, by Francesca Conte

The Ultra Life
Just Sit Down for a Bit, by Doug Cassaro
THE NEXT STEP | Wunderkind, by Dean Karnazes
Running: Just Another Addiction?, by Rachel Nypaver
In Memoriam, Chad Denning and Tom Bunk
THE ROCKET RANTS | The “No Water” DNF, by Errol “Rocket” Jones


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