UltraRunning March 2018


Men’s winner Karl Meltzer cruising the trails at Pinhoti 100 in northeast Alabama. It was Meltzer’s 39th win at the distance and 17th straight year of at least one win – both records for the sport. Photo: Gregg Gelmis/We Run Race Photos

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  • Longevity in Ultrarunning by Sean Meissner
  • Wool Running Tops by Donald Buraglio
  • Darcy Piceu Interview
  • Brazos Bend 100 by Ronnie Delzer
  • Pinhoti by Gordon Harvey
  • Pinhoti: Thanks, Mom! by Drew Dinan
  • Hellgate by Dr. David Horton
  • The Back 40 by Cassi Lapp


  • ASK ANN The Discovery Run by Ann Trason
  • BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN Are High-Cushioned Shoes Right for You? by Pam Smith
  • FROM THE COACH FOMO by Ian Sharman
  • WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? Secrets to Nutrition: Candy Hearts and IPA by Meredith Terranova
  • ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE Keep the Fitness Up and the Fire Stoked! by Ellie Greenwood


  • THE BEAST COAST Braving the Beast Coast Winter by Amy Rusiecki
  • ULTRARUNNING SCIENCE Training with Purpose: Periodization by Matt Laye
  • ON MY BOOKSHELF The End of the World Running Club by Lisa Henson
  • THE ULTRA MINDSET Unique Challenges of the Cutoff Chaser by Travis Macy
  • THE VOICE OF THE SPORT Chris DeNucci’s Journey: Inspiration, Intuition & Surgery by John Trent


  • JFK 50
  • Devil Dog Ultras
  • Blood Rock
  • TNFEC – California
  • Tunnel Hill 100
  • Surf the Murph
  • Marathon des Sables Peru


  • REECE’S PIECES A Finish Line Requires Commitment by Cory Reese
  • ONE STEP BEYOND Cross-Training by Dean Karnazes
  • ROCKET RANTS Exit Stage Left by Errol Jones

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