UltraRunning July/August 2020


On The Cover: Kelly Norton (#1401) of Murray, KY, gets a hand from Alphonso Starling (#1446) of Manhattan, KS, at a rainy Land Between the Lakes Trail Run in Grand Rivers, KY. Photo: Craig Gentry

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  • The Next Generation by Amy Clark
  • The Future of Trail Running by Bob Crowley
  • Blazing Trails in Summertime by Donald Buraglio
  • A French Girl Named Katie Schide by Gaël Couturier
  • Racing Through A Quarantine by Michael Wardian
  • Dewayne Satterfield: The Rare Heart of The South by Jared Beasley


  • From the Coach How Stress Affects Running by Ian Sharman
  • Koop’s Corner Training Without A Race by Jason Koop
  • Ultra Life Balance How to Finish Western States by Ellie Greenwood
  • Tricks of the Trade Coaching Amid COVID by Sean Meissner


  • Ultrarunning Science Maintaining Fitness During Detraining by Matt Laye
  • Beast Coast A Recipe for Lemonade by Amy Rusiecki
  • Ultra Doc The Immune System And Covid-19 by Tracy Beth Høeg
  • The Voice of The Sport Western States: A Ritual to Remember by John Trent
  • View from the Open Road The Great Race by Gary Cantrell


  • Destination Unknown Following in The Footsteps of Latimer by Jeff Kozak
  • Reese’s Pieces When It’s Cold and Dark Inside by Cory Reese
  • One Step Beyond Miwok Memoriesby Dean Karnazes
  • On My Bookshelf Both Feet on The Ground By Marshall Ulrich by Jodi Weiss
  • Running Down Under Running on Emotion by Lucy Bartholomew
  • I Am an Ultrarunner Shaheen Sattar by Erika Hoagland


  1. Julian Leventhal on

    I did not get the July/August issue. It is now July 6 and I expected it certainly by July 1st. Kindly send me this issue.

    • Alex Turchinsky on

      Would like to subscribe to your magazine, but don’t see the link to do this. Thanks 🙏

  2. Chris Reed on

    I have not yet received my July/August issue in the mail, as of today July 9. Was this issue to be only an online digital format due to the pandemic?

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