UltraRunning July 2017


Yitka Winn shows some excitement at Elowah Falls around mile 49 in the Gorge Waterfalls 100K. Photo: Glenn Tachiyama

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  • From Desperation to Salvation by Robert Plagmann
  • Celebrate the Accomplishment by Krissy Moehl
  • Shaking It Out With Topher Gaylord by Mario Fraioli
  • Summer Running Apparel Review by Donald Buraglio
  • UltraRunning Race Series: The Year in Review by Karl Hoagland
  • Barkley Marathons by “Laz” Cantrell, RD
  • Georgia Death Race by Andy Jones-Wilkins
  • The Canyons by Gretchen Brugman
  • FlatRock by Carol Johnson
  • Lake Sonoma by John Medinger, RD
  • Umstead Endurance Run by Brett Cottrell


  • ASK ANN Weight and Resistance Training by Ann Trason
  • How to Tap Into Your Potential by Ian Sharman
  • ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE The Joy of the Ultra Community by Ellie Greenwood
  • NUTRITION Ten Common Race Day Mistakes by Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN


  • RUNNING WISE Dress for Success: The Basics by Gary Dudney
  • ULTRARUNNING SCIENCE Choose Your Parents Wisely by Matt Laye
  • THE ULTRA MINDSET Hill Training for Flatlanders by Travis Macy
  • THE VOICE OF THE SPORT Failing Spectacularly: Golden Ticket Races Provide Bob Shebest a Silver Lining by John Trent
  • ON MY BOOKSHELF Running the Long Path by Lisa Henson


  • Marin Ultra Challenge
  • C&O Canal 100
  • Lake Martin
  • Behind the Rocks
  • Big Turtle 50-Miler
  • Prairie Spirit
  • Zumbro
  • Grayson Highlands


  • ONE STEP BEYOND How to Run in an Inferno by Dean Karnazes
  • REESE’S PIECES When Race Expectations Collide With Reality by Cory Reese
  • ROCKET RANTS Drop Bag Redux by Errol Jones

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