UltraRunning February 2019


Courtney Dauwalter finishes first at Western States, with the second best time of any woman to ever run the event. Photo: Joe McCladdie

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  • Inspiration Comes in All Shapes and Sizes by Amy A. Clark
  • Pete Kostelnick’s Ke2Key by Jodi Weiss
  • UROY Winners: How They Did It by Jason Koop
  • The Year in Review John Medinger
  • Women Ultrarunners of the Year
  • Men Ultrarunners of the Year
  • Courtney Dauwalter Interview
  • Performances of the Year
  • Age Group Performances of the Year
  • Winners of the Biggest North American Ultras
  • Top 100-Mile Women
  • Top 100-Mile Men
  • Top 100k Women
  • Top 100k Men
  • Top 50-Mile Women
  • Top 50-Mile Men
  • Top 50k Women
  • Top 50k Men
  • Races Won Outright by a Woman
  • Significant Course Records in 2018
  • Four or More Wins
  • Oldest 100-Mile Finishers
  • Top 24-Hour
  • Youngest Winners
  • Oldest Winners
  • Biggest Races of 2018
  • Most Notable Fastest Known Times of 2018 by Buzz Burrell
  • Taylor Nowlin: Pushing for the Grand Canyon R2R2R FKT by Nico Barraza
  • I Am An Ultrarunner: Amy A. Clark by Erika Hoagland

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