2015 UltraRunners of the Year


David Laney

UROY for IG20David Laney  is the men’s Ultra Runner of the Year for 2015. Laney won both the Chuckanut 50K and the Bandera 100K, and finished third at UTMB – the highest place ever for an American man at Europe’s top ultra. He rounded out a highly varied year of racing with a top-10 finish at Western States and strong placing at the IAU World Trail Championships in France. Laney grew up in Portland, Oregon and led Southern Oregon State University to the team title at the NAIA Cross Country Championships in 2010, before making his ultra debut in 2013. He currently lives in Ashland, Oregon.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
UTMB – France 21:59:42 3
Western States 17:01:37 8
Bandera 8:35:46 1
IAU World Trail – France 9:02:44 12
Chuckanut 3:40:20 1
Gorge Waterfalls DNF

Magdalena Boulet

UROY for IG19Magdalena Boulet is the women’s Ultra Runner of the Year for 2015. Boulet’s spectacular year included six ultra wins, including the Western States 100, the Chuckanut 50K, and the UROC 100K. Boulet was born in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland, became a U.S. citizen in 2001, and earned a spot on the US Olympic team in the marathon in 2008. She lives in Oakland, California where she is Vice President of Innovation, Research and Development for GU Energy Labs.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
Western States 19:05:21 20 1
CCC – France 14:02:47 17 2
The Canyons 11:32:27 3 1
Sean O’Brien 9:51:27 7 1
Diablo Trails Challenge 4:34:22 2 1
Chuckanut 4:13:44 10 1
UROC 10:03:29 5 1

Ian Sharman

UROY for IG17Ian Sharman of Bend, Oregon is the number two ranked runner for 2015. Sharman won the Rocky Raccoon and Leadville Trail 100s – each for the second time – and notched his sixth straight top 10 finish at Western States. Trained as an economist, the British ex-pat now owns a coaching business and directs the U.S. Skyrunning  series.


2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
Rocky Raccoon 13:32:44 1
Western States 16:44:27 7
Leadville 16:33:52 1
Crystal Springs – Winter 3:44:38 1
Lake Sonoma DNF

Camille Herron

UROY for IG18Camille Herron burst onto the ultra scene in April with a win at the Mad City 100K, where her 7:28:24 time vaulted her into second place behind only Ann Trason on the all-time US list. She went on to lower that time to 7:08:35 in winning the IAU World 100K Championship at Winschoten, Netherlands. Herron, who lives in Oklahoma City, also won the IAU World 50K Championship in Doha, Qatar, and set a world best 50-mile time of 5:38:41 at the Door County 50.




2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
Mad City 7:26:24 4 1
Door County 5:38:41 4 1
IAU World 100K – Netherlands 7:08:35 32 1
IAU World 50K – Qatar 3:20:58 23 1

Stephanie Howe

UROY for IG16

Stephanie Howe of Bend, Oregon is the number three ranked woman for 2015. Howe’s impressive year featured a course record win at the Lake Sonoma 50 and top ten finishes at the world’s top two 100 milers, Western States and UTMB. Howe has a PhD in exercise physiology and operates a coaching and nutrition business.


2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
UTMB – France 30:16:28 107 8
Western States 19:32:58 25 3
Lake Sonoma 7:08:23 12 1
Way Too Cool 3:47:14 13 2

Seth Swanson

UROY for IG15Seth Swanson checks in at number three for the men. The Missoula, Montana college professor placed second at Western States and fourth at UTMB, along with strong runs at Lake Sonoma 50 and Sean O’Brien 100K. Although he didn’t win any races, he was  the most consistent runner among the top vote getters.




2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
UTMB – France 22:00:10 4
Western States 15:17:28 2
Sean O’Brien 8:57:06 2
Lake Sonoma 6:46:01 6

Kaci Lickteig


UROY for IG14Kaci Lickteig of Omaha, Nebraska is the fourth ranked woman. The remarkably consistent physical therapist only finished off the podium once in six races, taking fifth at the Lake Sonoma 50. Her second place finish at Western States featured the fastest second half of any woman in the field. Photo Derrick Lytle

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
Western States 19:20:31 24 2
Lake Sonoma 8:04:14 37 5
Silver State 8:01:48 4 2
GOATZ 3:54:20 4 1
UROC 10:56:22 9 3
Bohemian Alps 4:17:18 1 1

Rob Krar

UROY for IG13Rob Krar, Ultra Runner of the Year in both 2013 and 2014, finished fourth in the voting this year. Krar won Western States for the second straight year, posting the second fastest time in the 42-year history of the race. The Flagstaff, Arizona pharmacist had a bit of an abbreviated season, competing only from March through June. Photo Alexis Berg/Grand Trail



2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
Western States 14:48:59 1
The Canyons 9:20:22 1
Moab Red Hot 3:51:03 2
Lake Sonoma DNF

Dylan Bowman

UROY for IG11Dylan Bowman of Mill Valley, California checks in at number five. D-Bo won Tarawera 100K in New Zealand and the Ultra Trail Australia 100K in the spring, and placed ninth at the Osierre-Chmpex-Chamonix 55-km in August. The Hypoxico sales manager even found time for a couple of strong races in the good ole U.S. of A. Photo Credit: Ken Schuh

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
Ultra Trail Australia 8:50:13 1
Tarawera – New Zealand 7:44:58 1
TNF – Wisconsin 6:28:57 2
OCC – France 5:49:57 9
TNF-SF 6:20:28 2
Western States DNF

Katalin Nagy

UROY for IG12Katalin Nagy of Sarasota, Florida is the fifth-ranked woman, based on an undefeated season that featured wins at the IAU World 24-hour Championship in Italy, and the famed Spartathlon 153-mile race in Greece. Originally from Gyöngyös, Hungary, Nagy also won the Burning River 100 and the Desert Solstice 24-hour.


2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
IAU -24 hr – Italy 151.922 1
Spartathlon 25:07:12 4 1
Burning River 18:36:00 4 1

Nicole Studer

UROY for IG10Nicole Studer is the sixth ranked woman for 2015. The Dallas, Texas resident ran the fastest ever 100-mile trail race, winning the Rocky Raccoon 100 in a stunning 14:22:18. She also was second at Bandera 100K and sixth at Western States. She completed nine ultras during the year, winning four of them. Photo courtesy of Nicole Studer

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
UTMB – France 31:21:43 136 13
Rocky Raccoon 14:22:18 6 1
Western States 20:19:56 32 6
Bandera 10:22:46 9 2
Des Templiers – France 8:51:11 63 10
Hells Hills 7:25:21 2 1
Possum Kingdom Trail 7:30:14 1 1
Brazos Bend 6:27:53 3 1
Whispering Pines 4:11:55 1 1

Zach Miller

UROY for IG9Zach Miller of Manitou Springs, Colorado is the sixth ranked man. His three races were a shorter résumé than most, but they included impressive wins at Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix, the 101-km sister race to UTMB, and at The North Face Challenge Championship 50 Mile in San Francisco, where he beat a star-studded field.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
CCC – France 11:53:32 1
Transvulcania – Spain 7:29:00 5
TNF-SF 6:12:37 1

Aliza Lapierre

UROY for IG8Aliza Lapierre of Williston, Vermont checks in at number seven. Lapierre had a travel-filled year with strong performances in Japan, Spain, Texas and California, as well as two wins in her native New England. photo by Matt Trappe

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
Western States 19:43:22 26 4
TransGranCanaria – Spain 19:58:48 61 8
Bandera 10:17:15 7 1
TNF – Bear Mountain 8:32:18 10 1
Salomon Trail Running Festival 7:29:14 4 1
Ultra Trail Mt Fuji – Japan 26:44:25 24 2

Brian Rusiecki

UROY for IG7Another New England standout, Brian Rusiecki of South Deerfield, Massachusetts, finished seventh for the men. Rusiecki had a busy year, with ten ultra finishes – four of them wins. photo by Catherine Harding

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
Massanutten 19:36:25 1
Vermont 15:27:58 2
Grindstone 20:24:04 1
TNF – Bear Mountain 7:16:58 1
Mountain Masochist 7:46:50 3
Pisgah Mountain 4:07:30 3
Leadville 20:31:17 12
Manitou Revenge 11:51:06 1
Cayuga Trail 7:31:59 6
Zion 18:06:51 3

Alex Nichols

UROY for IG5Alex Nichols of Colorado Springs is the eighth ranked runner in 2015. Nichols spent part of the year in France, winning a 51-mile race on Mount Blanc, and placing well at the IAU World Trail Championships and Des Templiers. Stateside, he won the Moab Red Hot 55K, and placed second at the Speedgoat 50K.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
IAU World Trail – France 8:38:15 6
Mont Blanc Marathon 10:31:00 1
Des Templiers – France 6:55:20 5
Moab Red Hot 3:48:58 1
Speedgoat 5:41:25 2

Ellie Greenwood

UROY for IG6Ellie Greenwood, a three-time previous winner, was voted eighth this year. The North Vancouver, British Columbia runner recovered from an injury-plagued early spring to finish sixth at Comrades. Later in the summer she won Des Templiers in France and took second at The North Face 50 in San Francisco in December. Photo by iRunFar.com Bryon Powell

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
Comrades – South Africa 6:44:03 82 6
Des Templiers – France 7:58:06 28 1
TNF-SF 7:23:57 28 2

Darcy Piceu

UROY for IG4Darcy Piceu is the ninth ranked female for 2015. Piceu, a mental health intervention specialist in Boulder, Colorado, is one of the top mountain runners in the world, placing second at Hardrock and fifth a mere seven weeks later at UTMB. She also broke the course record while winning the Bighorn 52 Mile in June.

2015 Race Results


Race Time Place Gender Place
UTMB 28:38:30 61 5
Hardrock 28:57:07 10 2
Quicksilver 10:57:11 17 3
Bighorn 8:49:19 5 1
TNF-SF 7:59:25 58 9

Joe Fejes

UROY for IG3Multi-day specialist Joe Fejes grabbed the number nine spot for men. Fejes broke the modern-day American Record for the 6-day race, clocking a stunning 606.243 miles at the EMU race in Hungary, which earned him the Performance of the Year. The Norcross, Georgia attorney won four races during the year, all 24 hours or longer.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
EMU Six-Day – Hungary 606.243 1
Wildcat 110.498 2
Las 50 de San Jorge – Puerto Rico 42:42:00 1
A Race for the Ages 200 1
WC-50 Ultra Trail 5:01:15 5
Dia De Los Muertos 148.582 1
Lake Hiagler 42.5 7
Blind Pig DNF

Bob Shebest

UROY for IGBob Shebest of Santa Rosa, California is number 10 in the 2015 Ultra Runner of the Year rankings. A middle school math teacher, Shebest took full advantage of his summer holiday, winning the San Diego 100 and the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile, and placing second in the Run Rabbit Run100. He also finished fifth in the Gorge Watefalls 100K, losing two places after missing a turn less than a mile from the finish.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place
San Diego 17:09:28 1
Run Rabbit Run 19:13:34 2
Gorge Waterfalls 10:14:19 5
Marin Ultra Challenge 3:55:06 1
Tahoe Rim Trail 8:09:15 1
Cinderella Trail 4:07:59 1
Purisima Creek 4:51:32 6
TNF-SF 7:17:47 24

Bethany Patterson

UROY for IG2Bethany Patterson of Richmond, Virginia checks in at number 10 for women. Patterson dominated the Commonwealth of Virginia, winning all five races she ran there. She also placed a close second at the White River 50 east of Seattle.

2015 Race Results

Race Time Place Gender Place
White River 8:26:16 21 2
Mountain Masochist 8:28:18 16 1
Terrapin Mountain 4:58:32 9 1
Holiday Lake 4:22:41 13 1
Promise Land 5:28:25 12 1

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