Daniels and Schide named #9 2019 UltraRunners of the Year


Matt Daniels

Matt Daniels is the ninth ranked runner in the 2019 Ultrarunner of the Year voting. After a DNF at the Bandera 100K in January, Daniels destroyed a deeply talented field while winning the Black Canyon 100K in February and receiving a golden ticket to Western States, where he finished fourth in his debut 100-miler. A Navy veteran and former All-American track standout at Adams State, Daniels lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his new bride, Lauren. – John Medinger. Photo: Howie Stern

2019 Race Results

Race Time Place
Bandera dnf
Black Canyon 7:20:28 1
Western States 15:21:36 4
Tillamook Burn 3:52:36 1
TNF Endurance Challenge – SF dnf

Katie Schide

Katie Schide is ranked number nine in the UROY voting for 2019. Schide won the Mont Blanc Ultra, placed second at Madeira Island Ultra Trail and sixth at UTMB. A native of Maine, she is currently living in Zurich, Switzerland, where she is working on a PhD in geology. – John Medinger. Photo: Janosch Abel

2019 Race Results

Race Time Place
Madeira Island Ultra Trail (Portugal) 15:43:43 2
Mont Blanc 13:04:15 1
UTMB (France) 27:22:56 6
Ultra-Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour (France) 19:31:41 1
One&1 Run to Camp (France) 10:37:26 2


  1. I’m not really one for NFL stats, but Daniel’s year reminds me of that of NFL quarterback Jameis Winston’s just-completed season, and that’s not a complaint or a criticism. Winston passed for 33 touchdowns, but coupled it with 30 interceptions and the combination was an NFL record.

  2. fwiw Scott Matt’s DNF at Bandera was apparently due to a concussion-inducing collision with a branch at head level on a rerouted course, rather than a blow up. And if my memory serves I think he was leading late-ish in the race when it happened. Sure a terrain-induced DNF is still a DNF, but I think the Bandera results doesn’t support the idea that he’s a hail mary type of runner. Maybe that wasn’t the point you were making but it’s one interpretation of that stat.

  3. On a local note for Katie she also now holds the woman’s FKT for a NH White Mountain Hut Traverse. Approximately 50 miles of knee hammering, ankle twisting rocks with 17,000 feet of gain connecting the 8 huts in the White Mountains. If you’ve had the pleasure of hiking, or running, or trying to run in the Whites you’ll understand how impressive her time is of 12h23m.


  4. Scott is poking fun at irunfar with his verbatim response of their critique of Camille Herron.

    It’s also a sign that the older fans of the sport haven’t caught up with the fact that some of these runners actually make a living just running and that choosing to DNF is a career choice, like, not showing up to work when you’re sick.

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