2017 #2 FKT of the Year – John Muir Trail & Grand Canyon R2R2R


John Muir Trail, (Supported), CA. François D’Haene, 2d, 19h, 26m. October 14-17


The 2017 UTMB winner smashed the previous supported FKT by over 12 hours, running the route northbound, and was the first person to complete the route under 3 days. His approach was unusual in that by choosing to run in mid-October he gave up daylight in exchange for cooler temperatures and easier access to hiking permits for the area. He also had pacers the entire way, probably a first.

The voters said:

“I didn’t vote for François D’Haene’s JMT, because it seemed “too supported,” maybe beyond the spirit of FKTs for a true wilderness route.”

“Huge advancement here, will pacers the entire way become the new norm on the JMT?”

“François crushed it with a brilliant combination of athletic ability, unmatched support, and a unique approach of doing the route in October.”

“He had support up the wazoo but turned it into a spectacular time.”

Grand Canyon R2R2R, (Supported), AZ. Cat Bradley, 7h, 52m, 20s.November 15


The R2R2R is one of the most classic routes in the world. Bradley made it a major goal, and turned in an excellent result, besting Bethany Lewis’ 2011 FKT by more than 23 minutes.

The voters said:

“Badass time on a highly contested, ultra-classic route.”

“R2R2R is becoming as supported as a race, especially the way Cat did it. But still it is a fast time and it’s impressive.”

“Elite run by an elite ultrarunner with elite crew and pacers – like a ‘Pro-FKT’ – but awesome.”

“I loved her comment that WS100 (which she won) didn’t matter, only the Canyon mattered. I think comments about support and pacing are irrelevant for this route.”

“I hope that more women focus on this FKT in the future, as l like this route, maybe because I once held the record – which was handily shattered!”


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