1. Lief Youngs on

    What is the total compared to ALL runners? Is it growing or is running growing at all distances?

  2. Todd Sinclair on

    I am assuming these numbers are finishers (as ‘finishes’ would indicate). Wondering about unique finishers in a distance (or across the board). I did a 100k, and 2×100 milers so I would be counted 3 times in the total and twice in 100 miles? It would be great to see the numbers and get at the growth by race distance and type (road vs. trail).

  3. Jono Mervis on

    I would also assume that these are US only stats? The Comrades ultra in 1980 had over 4200 entrants while Two Oceans Ultra (also in SA) would have had around 2000. A large percentage of those who start these two races finish so I would guess more than the 2,890 indicated for that year in South Africa alone.