Revelstoke, BC

With steep ascents, rugged ridges, and stunning alpine views, the Stoked Ultra is a serious bucket list challenge for those seeking to test themselves in a truly WILD place. With a variety of distances & durations, the TranSelkirks Run offers something for everyone seeking to experience the magic of the mountains!

Our multi day FULL STOKE and HALF STOKE adventures offer participants the opportunity to take in the beauty of the area over the course of a few days, while our single day STOKED SCRAMBLE and STOKED ULTRA enable runners to access a variety of terrain all in one day.

The STOKED ULTRA is truly a celebration of the trail community gathering to challenge & support one another as we traverse the terrain of RevelSTOKE, British Columbia.

We’re STOKED to share this magical place with you!

Upcoming Races

Aug 24 2024
50 KM
The Stoked Ultra packs in as many spectacular views as possible over the course of 50 km traversing the ridgelines and bowls at Revelstoke Mountain Resort - the ski hill with the greatest vertical descent in North America. This ain't your local fun run. This course will challenge you in ways that you may have never experienced in a trail running event. It is a true scramble meaning you will definitely use your hands in some sections, but the satisfaction you'll experience when you look back on what you accomplished will last a lifetime.
10,270 10,270 ft.
Mixture Course
5 Aid Stations
12:00 Cutoff
5 Elevation Rating
Mountainous, >12,500 feet in 50 miles
4 Surface Rating
Substantial rocks, roots and/or ruts

Additional Distances

This event also has the following non ultra distances

25 KM


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