Holland, MI

Egress Endurance is proud to announce the Riley Trails 50k! Runners will complete 31 miles on two alternating loops Starting and Finishing at Riley Trails, 
Cut off time will be 9 hours. This will be the first race of 3 in the Egress Endurance Ottawa County Parks series of 2022 Races This year: Add-On Gilden 50/50 T-shirt!

Runners will run two (2) alternating loops, repeating for 5 times each loop, to reach the 50k mark. (See course map in photos.)
Runners will start on the 'Orange Loop': 4.45 Miles and then switch to the "Green Loop": 1.75 miles on the next loop. This alternation will repeat until 10 total loops have been completed. (5 Orange, 5 Green.) Each loop is made up of: Buffed single track, some sand and we have thrown in some "fun" little hills. 
This will give runners a mental as well as physical challenge!


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
05/06/23 Race Cancelled
04/23/22 30 4:33:09 4:56:01
04/17/21 59 3:58:17 5:14:57
06/13/20 Race Cancelled
04/13/19 32 4:35:25 4:48:25

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