This is a new 50 K on the old Ghost Town 38.5 (mile) route. Weekend includes pre-race pasta party Sat. night, lots of finish line food, standard aid station fare, gear drops, supported stations. Start and finish are in the forest. NO PAVEMENT. The entire run is on dirt forest service road and trails. Start at slightly more than a mile high with lots of elevation changes. There's a similar event in November. The field is purposely held between 25 and 40. It is by invitation...Ghost Town 38.5 alum receive preference if the RD feels they were a good fit with her event. There is a discount for anyone registering for both 2018 events at this time. This is a fun old-school event. It is competitive, but it's also about having a great weekend running in a wild and beautiful place. For now: write RD Susan an email at [email protected]. It will help if you have a referral from a GT 38.5 alum, but either way if you've not run GT before you will be asked to answer some easy questions. The RD retains the right to decline admission to any runner. A good way to be invited: volunteer at an event. [email protected]


Friday night supper for early arrivals hosted by RD and her husband

Door prizes and fun at pasta potluck on Sat. before race

Free camping on RD's property and in the forest

Incredible scenery

Some new spurs and aid station locations

Handmade original place awards - 1st male, 1st female, 1st lowlander (lives at 1,000 ft or less elevation), and for this event the last place finisher receives an award.


Post-race supper on Sunday and breakfast on Monday morning for anyone still here.



50 KM New course

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02/17/19 Race Cancelled
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