Falls of Rough, KY

Explore the Falls of the Rough on the Rough River near the Green Mansion Farm and Rough River Dam. The 13.1 Mile trail loop is sure to get your heart pumping as you climb to an elevation with breathtaking views of the Rough River and surrounding valley. Run across a 200-year-old bridge spanning the Falls of Rough! 

This course is ITRA certified with the right amount of challenge for everyone.  Two well-stocked aid stations as well as water stops along the way promise to help get you to your goals!  In addition to that, the 100 mile and 50-mile races have UTMB points.  Many runners find the marathon a great way to knock Kentucky off the list or get that first trail marathon under their belt.  Finally, the half marathon is the championship races for the Central Kentucky Trail Series!


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
12/05/20 47 9:20:47 9:51:30
12/07/19 32 8:54:23 11:20:08
12/01/18 15 13:36:37 13:42:34
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
12/05/20 19 20:11:23 33:27:10
12/07/19 8 29:17:25 32:15:10
12/01/18 3 24:40:42