Connelly Springs, NC

Brought to you by Tanawha Adventures, the South Mountains Marathons are a collection of trail races which are held in the beautiful South Mountains State Park in North Carolina. Hope you are psyched for chilly weather, steep trails, gorgeous views, and super cold creek crossings! Courses include a good mix of wide double track trails and tight, technical, single track trail. Oh and stairs! Lots and lots of stairs!  

Come enjoy testing your abilities on these prime running trails in this pristine mountain range. There will be times that your head will be between your knees on the climbs, times when your quads will feel like they are going to bust through your skin, and times when your feet will feel like ice cubes. With all kidding aside, the trails are very runnable, but challenging. We consider this an excellent entry level mountain trail race if you are seeking a little more climbing (well a lot more actually) than the local park trails in your neighborhood. The half marathon includes approximately 3,000 ft in elevation gain and the marathon approximately 6,000 ft in elevation gain and the 50k approximately 7500 ft of gain! It will be challenging, but these are highly runnable trails!


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
01/27/24 47 4:49:49 6:06:53
01/07/23 62 4:29:43 6:33:17
01/08/22 66 4:21:52 5:19:07
01/30/21 76 4:34:59 5:27:26
01/11/20 102 4:37:58 5:32:36
01/12/19 79 4:24:46 5:46:00