Big Sky, MT

The Rut 50K is an extremely challenging mountain run held on Big Sky Resort property.  Race participants will find themselves covering ALL types of terrain including  jeep roads,  forested single track trails, alpine ridge lines and even to the iconic summit of Lone Peak!

There are sections of this course, including the ascent and traverse of Headwaters ridge, as well as the ascent and descent of Lone Peak, which are EXTREMELY STEEP & TECHNICAL with sections of exposure and potential rockfall hazard.   We will have safety personnel along these sections keeping an eye out for runners and assessing any objective hazards, but the responsibility falls on the race participant to be aware of your surroundings and other runners.  This is a true mountain course so please treat it with the respect it deserves! We strongly encourage you to become familiar with the course terrain before registering for this event. 


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
09/17/23 425 4:59:32 5:34:59
09/04/22 484 5:04:18 6:14:59
09/05/21 412 5:25:47 6:14:34
09/06/20 Race Cancelled
09/01/19 414 5:29:45 6:51:52
09/02/18 421 5:17:55 6:13:36
09/03/17 379 5:10:16 6:13:56
09/05/15 315 5:16:59 6:25:44
09/12/14 286 5:09:31 6:32:40
09/14/13 145 5:13:08 6:43:51