Unicoi, TN

Both runs (50K and 25K) will start at 7:30AM and there will be a 11 hour time limit (6:30PM). The sun will be setting before 6:30PM, so please plan to be off the mountain before it gets dark!! Both the 50K and 25K runs will Start and Finish at the Unicoi Visitor Center, which is 0.4 miles from the Pinnacle Tower Trail. This will allow for ample parking and will give some running room before starting on the single track. The number of runners is limited as this run will take place in the Cherokee National Forest. The course will consist of single track, forest service roads, grassy fire roads, and mountain bike trails. There will be lots of climbing but also some sweet downhills!!

There will be a hard cutoff at 2:30 pm at mile 19.5 for the 50K runners. You must be to this point at 2:30pm to continue to the finish. The course will be minimally marked with ribbons and a sweeper runner will complete the course to ensure all runners are safely off the mountain after the run concludes (6:30PM). 


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
02/01/20 16 4:26:22 5:19:05
01/19/19 9 4:49:39 7:08:48
10/28/17 38 4:18:20 6:03:27
10/29/16 22 4:39:04 5:55:46
10/17/15 36 4:27:38 5:47:20