Runners of all ages are invited to the Joe English Twilight Challenge. The dusk-to-dark challenge offers a choice of events on a moonlit night: First, a team-relay 6 hour ultra, (two or five on a team). Second, a 6 hour ultramarathon, as many 2.62-mile laps as you can do in 6 hours. You can run the half or full marathon individually, NEW for this year, a 2 lap open run. As darkness arrives, the moon and signal fires will illuminate the course. This unique event, featuring a festive music, food, and lighted “Twilight Central” event location that is spectator-friendly, is hosted by the Amherst Land Trust and Freestyle Farm LLC. All proceeds support conservation. The Twilight Challenge is a night time event, run in darkness, with the aid of moonlight and illuminated markings. The running surface is dirt or grass and specially groomed for this event. 

The goal of the Amherst Land Trust in hosting the Joe English Twilight Challenge is to offer a night of distance races to raise funds for the preservation of land for public use. All proceeds from the Joe English Twilight Challenge benefit the Amherst Land Trust. The trust protects rural, scenic, and open-space lands for future generations. Since 1975, as educator and dealmaker, the trust has preserved hundreds of acres of New Hampshire conservation land for public enjoyment.

Upcoming Races

Sep 30 2023
6 Hours
2.62-mile loop
Multiple Loop Course
1 Elevation Rating
Flat or nearly flat
1 Surface Rating
Paved or very smooth surface


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
10/01/22 13 35.37 32.75
10/23/21 19 34.09 36.7
10/12/19 15 34.0598 39.2999
09/22/18 23 39.33 38.02
10/07/17 13 39.3297 31.4594
10/15/16 10 32.77 32.76
09/26/15 13 35.4 32.77
10/04/14 11 40.64 31.46