Colorado Springs, CO

Welcome to the annual Falcon 50 Race Series. This event now has 5 race distances/options: the Half-Marathon, Military Half-Heavy (NEW), Marathon, Military Heavy, and 50 Miler. Join us and help continue the legacy while discovering how far you are able to push yourself.

The Falcon 50 Race Series, founded in 2011, takes place on the Air Force Academy Reservation and in the surrounding mountains. It is a scenic and challenging route that will take its participants through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain the Academy has to offer. The route itself is primarily on dirt trails, but also includes sections where runners have the choice to run on a sectioned off portion of paved roads or on the dirt road shoulders. 

The ultramarathon is the great equalizer of races. Young, old, seasoned racer, or fresh to the starting blocks... in the end, it will be your determination above all else that gets you to the finish line. The 50 miles of the Falcon 50 Ultra course ensure that this event will be one of the toughest athletic challenges you can undertake on the Academy grounds. If it wasn't tough, then it probably wasn't worth doing.

This is a NON-PROFIT event. We will be selling Falcon 50 stickers for $1. All profits from the event will be donated to Air Force Sergeant's Association for their military support. Any canned goods will be donated to a local food bank.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
04/29/23 26 8:01:53 9:21:05
04/30/22 29 8:01:58 13:14:07
05/01/21 19 7:36:14 11:10:35
04/25/20 Race Cancelled
04/27/19 46 7:07:52 8:48:19
04/28/18 32 9:02:39 13:14:25
04/29/17 Race Cancelled
05/07/16 No Ultra Finishers
05/02/15 40 9:35:49 10:19:27
05/03/14 54 8:54:49 10:59:49
05/04/13 88 8:27:52 8:56:25
04/29/12 97 8:48:14 10:07:19
04/29/11 49 9:15:00 9:55:00