Lennep, MT

The Crazy Mountain 100 has been a culmination of many people willing to come together and offer up access to their land and resources. 2 Family owned and operated cattle ranches host the start and finish. The Westling Ranch in Wilsall, MT hosting the start and the Berg Ranch hosting the finish in Lennep. These two multi-generational family ranches will give you a first hand look at quality care of the land they operate in the valley.

The race course itself navigates through the Indigenous lands of the Apsaalooke, private, and public land/forest service. To the Apsaalooke people this range is called Awaxaawippíia. “Awaxaawi” Meaning Mountain. ppíia” meaning ominous or angry. Some say you can hear the mountains and the power is felt. We feel this is an important history and knowledge. Our hope is that you take the time to learn about its’ rich history.

We are an intentionally inclusive event that welcomes any and all people willing to take on the challenge. Our goal is to bring you to this wild, sacred, and unique place, and have you leave forever changed. You simply cannot experience the jagged cliffs, scree fields, and high alpine lakes, without experiencing something deep within your soul. This is sure to be the craziest race you have ever attempted.

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Jul 28 2023
100 Miles
25,000 ft.
Point-to-Point Course
11 Aid Stations
36:00 Cutoff
5 Elevation Rating
Mountainous, >12,500 feet in 50 miles
5 Surface Rating
Very rough trail


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
07/29/22 73 23:21:00 28:52:26