Rising Fawn, GA

28 miles of trail 2 miles of paved road within the park. We can not reiterate how BEAUTIFUL THIS COURSE IS!!! 4,000 ft of elevation gain for the 50k.

These trails are flat to rolling hills with some short climbs. Nothing over 300 ft at once except the climb out of the canyon at the very end which is 1000 ft in 2.5 miles. These trails are not technical by trail standards but there are some rocks and roots. You will come back to the start and then head out on the last 11 miles of the course will be the hardest/most scenic. 

You will run the following trails the last 12 miles: West Rim Trail, Waterfalls Trail, Sitton's Gulch Trail, oh and a fun powerline cut.

So bring your cameras and be ready for a race like no other. Running in and around the canyon will make you forget you're in Georgia.

The West Rim Trail is EXTREMELY rocky and technical. Sittons Gulch Trail is a beautiful path that follows a creek. When you run this you will feel like you are in the Pacific Northwest.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
12/04/22 88 7:33:06 8:26:42
12/04/21 134 5:39:39 5:40:04
12/05/20 153 5:00:30 5:55:36
12/07/19 255 3:34:07 4:44:25
02/09/19 180 3:45:04 4:46:18
02/10/18 136 4:13:08 5:20:54
01/07/17 109 4:08:32 4:49:11
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
12/03/22 88 7:33:06 8:26:42
12/04/21 88 8:59:31 9:49:04
12/05/20 80 8:59:52 8:45:06
01/09/16 112 7:50:22 9:19:05
01/10/15 75 7:34:24 9:29:12
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