North Bonneville, WA

The Beacon Rock 50k and 25k is one of the most unique party weekends among Rainshadow's family of destination races. Like all of our races, they offer a chance to get away and relax with family and friends, but with the added bonus of a grassy group camp we'll have all to ourselves. High vistas offer sweeping views of the Cascades - including Mt Hood and Mt Adams - and the entire Columbia River Gorge.

Both the 50k and 25k start and finish at the Beacon Rock State Park group campsite; the 50k is actually two loops of the 25k course. For this run, you'll cover all the best trails in Beacon Rock State Park, including Hardy Ridge, Hardy Creek, and Hamilton Mountain. From Hamilton Mountain you'll have great views of the Cascades (especially Mt Hood and Mt Adams) and the entire Columbia River Gorge. The 25k gains about 3700 feet, with two big climbs - Hardy (mostly gradual) and Hamilton (mostly steep) - and two long downhills. The 50k gains about 7500 feet and, as its two loops of the 25k, takes you up each climb and down each descent twice. The trails, with the notable exception of the steep climbs, are generally very runnable and in great condition. There's a bit of pavement at the beginning and end of each 25k loop.

You'll have 9 hours for the 50k; 7 hours for the 25k. For the 50k, there will be five full aid stations (Hardy Ridge at miles 5.5, 11.8, 21.0, and 27.3, and the Group Site at mile 15.5). You'll have drop bag access at mile 15.5 only. 


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/03/19 57 4:59:21 5:24:57
06/09/18 Race Cancelled
06/11/17 76 4:18:08 5:42:00
06/04/16 75 4:55:51 6:41:17
06/15/15 80 4:32:06 5:30:05
06/08/14 71 4:23:25 6:01:06
06/17/12 65 4:29:21 5:30:50
06/12/11 70 4:47:20 5:53:37