Pacific Palisades, CA

The BackBone Trail is a 68-mile point-to-point course that starts at Will Rogers State Park and goes up the coast to Ray Miller trail in La Jolla canyon and has 15,000 ft. of elevation gain. This is going to be a bit different from your normal races:
There will be no trail marking and no aid stations. We will have water drops at certain locations (will provide exact location closer to event). You can have a crew to meet you if you like and they can meet you at several locations. You are responsible for paying all fees if you enter State or National parks. You’re responsible to get yourself to the Start and then picking up your Vehicle at the finish. This will be open only to 35 runners so sign up early.
1. All runners must download GPX tracks on your watch or phone and have them before they start.
2. All runners must carry a spot device that will be provided by the event. Live tracking included 
3. Have a map of the whole course and have the course mapped out.
Yes you won’t start if you don’t have a Map!!!!
All these items must be carried during the event. 
4. and maybe some swag.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
11/07/20 10 11:10:00 22:17:00