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February 2021


Includes a printed magazine as well as instant access to digital PDF.

Catra Corbett coming off of Porcupine Rim at mile 236 of the Moab 240 course. She finished the race in 102:09:42. Photo: Howie Stern


Former UltraRunning Magazine publisher John Medinger poses for a quick photo with Antonio Rossmann at the very first Vermont 100 in 1989. Photo: Kathy Burns


  • Four Decades Of Ultrarunning by John Medinger
  • The Year In Review by John Medinger
  • Advertising: Blast From The Past


  • Where Are They Now? by Ellie Greenwood


  • Ted Corbitt – The Father of American Ultrarunning Dan Brannen
  • Happy 40th Birthday Ultrarunning by Gary Cantrell
  • Ink On Paper by Tia Bodington
  • The Uniting Glue In Ultrarunning by Davy Crockett
  • In It For The Long Haul by Nick Marshall
  • Head, Heart And Soul: The Future Of Trail Running by Bob Crowley
  • The Voice Of The Sport A Sound To Remember by John Trent


  • Twenty Years Of Ultrarunning: A Sense Of Belonging by John Medinger
  • 40 Years of Blisters And Bliss by Dean Karnazes
  • Rocket’s Rants Once Upon A Time by Errol Rocket Jones
  • Interview Of A Lifetime by Craig Thornley
  • In Race Of Endurance, A Victory For The Spirit by Antonio Rossmann