Injinji Introduces New Products for Fall 2017


Injinji has introduced a couple of new products in advance of their Fall 2017 release, and one of them may take you by surprise because of what it’s missing: Injinji’s classic toe sock design.

The Hiker Crew sock is a traditionally shaped sock constructed of thick but tightly knit NuWool material that holds its shape well and avoids bunching. Although it breaks the mold of customary Injinji styles, it is intended to be used in conjunction with a thin CoolMax Crew Toesock Liner; the idea is for the two socks to work as a layer system to prevent blister formation, but without the wrinkling or creasing that often happens with 2-in-1 style double layer socks. The CoolMax Toesock Liner wicks moisture away from your feet, while the Hiker provides additional cushioning and protection. This system will be available in men’s- and women’s-specific styles and colors, and the two socks can be purchased separately or as a kit. Sold together, the Liner + Hiker will retail for $27, and the Hiker will sell individually for $20. We’ve used the combination together for all-day hikes, and we’ve also used the Hiker Crew as a standalone sock for trail running on cool mornings.

The new Hiker Crew sock used in conjunction with CoolMax Crew Toesock Liner

Another addition to Injinji’s Fall lineup are two models of female-specific trail socks. The Women’s Trail Midweight Mini-Crew will be available in two knit colors and retails for $15, while the Women’s Trail Midweight Crew will be available in four colors; two solid knit colors that retail for $16, and two spectrum designs listed at $18 each.

Both styles are designed to better accommodate a woman’s foot with increased two-way stretch from heel to toe, plus a narrower arch and smaller toe fit. Both have increased cushioning for additional comfort plus a double cuff and ribbed knit to keep unwanted dirt and debris out. Our testers loved the look and feel of these socks, and they’ve proven to be quite durable with high mileage on the trails.

New Women’s Trail Midweight Crew

Along with their new product offerings, Injinji has also given its website a full makeover. The standout feature is a comprehensive product comparison tool that allows you to compare features, design, function and fit of several models side by side. This is particularly helpful as Injinji’s product lineup has become quite expansive in recent years.

The redesigned website is accessible now at, and the new sock models described above will be available in September 2017.

Injinji product comparison tool


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