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UltraRunning Dec 2019/Jan 2020

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Marathon Des Sables Wrap-Up

This is the last text from the Sahara, my friends, after three days of cruel intensity. Magdalena Boulet won the race easy. She still looks amazing. Most of us survived it, struggling.

A Rumble In The Woods

Wildfires scorched over 24,000 acres of the Deschutes National Forest just west of Sisters, Oregon late last summer. Thick smoke settled in the small town of just 2,000 people, delaying the start of school and forcing many to cancel their vacation plans. So when the Peterson Ridge Rumble announced that the only change to this year’s event was a shortened section of trail on the 40-mile race course, no one was complaining.

Running In, And For, Patagonia

by Nick Barraza

This year’s Patagonian International Ultra-Marathon was nothing short of magical. Combining the natural elegance and wonder of Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia with eco-conservation initiatives in the area, the event attracted over 740 runners

Stepping Up To Ultra

My seatmate asked what was bringing me to Chicago. “I’m going to run the marathon,” I informed him. “Wow,” he…

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