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UltraRunning July/August 2020

  • Dewayne Satterfield: The Rare Heart of The South
  • Training Without A Race
  • The Future of Trail Running
  • Racing Through A Quarantine
  • Maintaining Fitness During Detraining
  • Following in The Footsteps of Latimer
Overcoming Loss

As ultrarunners, we can experience loss after crossing a finish line, not finishing a race (or starting, for that matter) or not being chosen in a lottery. Because of the amount of time we invest in ultramarathons, the losses run deeper and therefore take more time to recover from. Fortunately, the healing process can turn each of us into a stronger, more determined athlete.

An Ultrarunner’s Bra Guide: Bounce Check

I know it’s tempting to skip right to the cool bras we’ve compiled for you, but I ask that you bear with me for a quick moment. See, in researching this article, I’ve learned that many of us ladies are getting the bra thing very wrong. It’s important stuff that we should be getting right – especially for those of us going the distance and doing ultras – and not just for reasons of chafing or mild discomfort.

Haliburton Forest Ultra 2016

After a quick prayer to “Our Father and Forest Gump in the sky,” we proceeded down the yard to the start line. It was still dark and half the runners had their head lights on. The Halliburton Forest Ultras 100 Mile, 50 Mile and 50K races started at 6 a.m. Runners continued down a sandy road for the first 4.5 miles until hitting the first single track.

Trails 4 Tails Ultra Run is for the Dogs

In the nine years at Trails 4 Tails Ultra Run we have had several records set and fall. But this year was a little different. Finishing fourth overall was our first-ever and new record holder Shane, a mixed-breed canine weighing in at 53 lbs.

“Women of Hardrock” Documentary

Travel to the heights of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains for a preview of the film “Women of Hardrock.” The full length feature film by Run Steep Get High follows the women entered in the 2016 Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run, and will be aired on their YouTube channel this November.

Kostelnick Transcontinental Guinness World Record Attempt in Progress

Is it possible to run across the USA in less than 46 days? That is what I wanted to find out, so I joined Pete Kostelnick and his crew at 8 a.m. on September 12, 2016, at City Hall in San Francisco, California and began my four day photo-odyssey of his transcontinental record attempt. A life-long runner and ultrarunner myself, I thought I had a clue about what a transcon record attempt would be like. I soon found out how little I actually knew.

Embracing Our Differences

As Tropical John Medinger astutely observed, ultrarunning is a hard sport for everyone – back of the pack, middle of the pack and those at the front – and it is this shared experience of suffering that brings all ultrarunners together and makes our sport so special. This sense of connectedness is what keeps the first finishers of an ultra cheering for the last finishers, and it’s what makes our community so strong.

The Rise of Ultra-Endurance Sports

Four years ago, Shalini Kovach experienced a proverbial ah-ha moment. Kovach, who had made a career in fashion design and merchandising, was working with one of her biggest accounts when she overheard a woman complaining about the results of a recent eyelift. The conversation catalyzed an objective examination of her world — a “whole world of Prada and Gucci,” as she put it — and made her realize that perhaps she was chasing a dream she didn’t really want.

Course Records Fall at FANS 6-12-24 Hour Races

For the last several years the weather gods have frowned upon the FANS 6·12·24 Hour Race, sending us wind, rain, and demoralization. On the 4th and 5th of June we had a total of 0.06” of spritzy rain, overcast skies, one wind gust of 25 mph, and a high of 73°. The field of 141 runners and walkers took advantage.

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