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UltraRunning July/August 2020

  • Dewayne Satterfield: The Rare Heart of The South
  • Training Without A Race
  • The Future of Trail Running
  • Racing Through A Quarantine
  • Maintaining Fitness During Detraining
  • Following in The Footsteps of Latimer
J&J Race and Trail Running Reunion 2016

It was so much fun finding myself back at Camp Eagle where this race began many years ago as the “Camp Eagle Trail Runs.” With miles and miles of pristine single track, lots of gnarly deer paths, exotic wildlife, constant elevation gain or loss, beautiful vistas, a spring-fed river chock full of cold clear water, dry creek-bed descents and stars like crazy, this place is really one of a kind for running in this part of the country.

Patagonia Speed Waffle Crew Review

A midweight long sleeve moisture wicking performance shirt with waffle texture to improve airflow and breathability. The Speed Waffle Crew is thick enough to keep you insulated by itself on cold days, but the slim fit makes it easy to use as a baselayer.

Morning Run

The warm sun softens the goosebumps
that have commandeered my body overnight.
I count them,
one by one,
As they slowly loosen.

Comrades Memories: Hylton James, Double-Green Number 2338

The Comrades Marathon has been an utterly life-changing event in my life for so many reasons – all of them extremely positive. They say that “life is what happens while you make other plans.” I could never, ever have imagined all those years ago just how huge a part of my life the “Big C” would become.

Creemore Vertical Challenge 2016 Race Report

The 10th Creemore Vertical Challenge is now in the books and based on dialogue with the runners I would guess that most enjoyed the race. Is the course tougher? Yes. Regulars at the race described in detail how the new hill, the “Pitch” was a rude awakening, coming within the first 5K of the course. Oh, by the way, it starts with a P, not a B…

When a “Finish” is Not a Finish

The San Juans hold a special place in my heart. It was the natural place for me to go for some healing after having miscarried what was to be our third child just one month prior. The Silverton Double Dirty 30 presented the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage, spend some time on the trail and be humbled by my surroundings. For once I had no agenda, no goals of time or even distance. I wanted to participate and find inner peace.

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