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UltraRunning May/June 2019

  • Flavor Science: An Interview with Magda Boulet
  • Find an Epic Adventure
  • How Not to Pack a Drop Bag
  • Santa Barbara Nine Trails
  • Way Too Cool
  • Western States Research Update
Dealing with a DNF

Seeing a DNF (did not finish) next to your name can be disheartening for a runner. For me it was my first 100-mile race, the H.U.R.T. 100, a race in the rainforest-plush mountains above Honolulu in January. After doing more of a death march than a run, I had to drop at mile 67. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life.

El Camino de Lavaca: Quintessentially Texan

What sets El Camino de Lavaca apart from other ultra stage races is its cultural objective, specifically the “Painted Churches” around which the pilgrimage was planned. The point, according to John T. Sharp, its creator and director, is “existential discovery, historical appreciation, religious reflection and self-actualization.”

Tunnel Hill 100 2017

The story of Tunnel Hill 2017 will be Camille Herron and rightly so. This is the story of those of us who squeaked in just under 24 hours for that special buckle, those of us who just made the 30-hour cutoff and those of us running our first 100-miler.

How to run UTMB

The “Joe Schmoe” Guide on how to run UTMB. If you want to WIN, you’ll have to talk to Rory!

Racing To Work

We’ve all done it, signed up for a race with the simple click of a button, carried away with the enthusiasm of a recent race result or inspired by beautiful images from a race website, and only after do you begin to consider the practicalities of racing at the event.

The Long View

What a year it has been. I want to thank everyone who has supported UltraRunning magazine through our transition, which…

Negotiating Rough Trails

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and perfecting your rough trail running skills will lead to better racing and might just save you an unpleasant trip to the hospital.

Ultrapacing For Rookies

The request of a new ultrarunner for a crew often falls on the innocently willing shoulders of friends or family who may have little experience in ultras. Sheryl offers some advice for new pacers.

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