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UltraRunning March 2019

  • Mastering the Multi-Day Race
  • Desert Solstice
  • Simple Tools for Training
  • Hellgate
  • Mines of Spain
  • 10 Stages of Running an Ultra
  • Falling Back in Love with Ultrarunning
Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events 50K

I started the Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events (WHEE Run) to share one of my favorite trials and also as a fundraiser for local charities. The trail has everything I love: technical footing, hills and lots of awesome scenery.

Heartland 100: Walking the Razor’s Edge

The old Mark Twain saying, “If you don’t like the weather… just wait a few minutes,” is often bandied about in spring and fall. But a particular October cold front that draped across the Great Plains the day of the running of Heartland 100 in Cassoday, Kansas took that saying to the extreme.

The Scoreboard Is an Imposter

We have scoreboards in our minds that have our mileage or time goals posted prominently on them. We frequently determine victory or defeat, success or failure, solely on whether our final result meets or exceeds the goals that we posted on our scoreboards prior to the race. The scoreboard though, is not a true or definitive indicator of how well or how poorly a team (or ultrarunner) played (ran) in any given game (race).

A Conversation With 30-Time Leadville 100 Finisher, Bill Finkbeiner

With his 28-hour finish at last year’s Leadville 100, Bill Finkbeiner has now completed the race 30 consecutive years, beginning in 1984. We were lucky enough to corral this 100-mile legend and ask him a few questions, and he shares insights that all active and aspiring 100-milers can learn from.

How to run UTMB

The “Joe Schmoe” Guide on how to run UTMB. If you want to WIN, you’ll have to talk to Rory!

Racing To Work

We’ve all done it, signed up for a race with the simple click of a button, carried away with the enthusiasm of a recent race result or inspired by beautiful images from a race website, and only after do you begin to consider the practicalities of racing at the event.

The Long View

What a year it has been. I want to thank everyone who has supported UltraRunning magazine through our transition, which…

Negotiating Rough Trails

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and perfecting your rough trail running skills will lead to better racing and might just save you an unpleasant trip to the hospital.

Ultrapacing For Rookies

The request of a new ultrarunner for a crew often falls on the innocently willing shoulders of friends or family who may have little experience in ultras. Sheryl offers some advice for new pacers.

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