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UltraRunning April 2019

  • Fat Adaptation, Strategic Carbs and Ketones
  • HURT 100
  • Be a Smart Runner
  • Overcoming Nutrition Challenges
  • The Role of Protein During Exercise
  • Long Haul 100
  • Mountain Mist
El Camino de Lavaca: Quintessentially Texan

What sets El Camino de Lavaca apart from other ultra stage races is its cultural objective, specifically the “Painted Churches” around which the pilgrimage was planned. The point, according to John T. Sharp, its creator and director, is “existential discovery, historical appreciation, religious reflection and self-actualization.”

Tunnel Hill 100 2017

The story of Tunnel Hill 2017 will be Camille Herron and rightly so. This is the story of those of us who squeaked in just under 24 hours for that special buckle, those of us who just made the 30-hour cutoff and those of us running our first 100-miler.

A Hot Hundred Kay at Cuyamaca

The third annual Cuyamaca 100K launched from San Diego’s Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on October 4th this year with the largest field of starters to date. One hundred and eighty-two runners toed the line this year, having travelled from as far away as Poland and Japan.

Update From The Running Event

Last week Cory and I were in Austin, Texas for The Running Event, a tradeshow geared for running specialty retailers. A focal part of the show is the exhibition hall which featured over 100 different running products, services and brands catering to the running market.

On Change

Other than death and taxes, change is one of life’s big, dark inevitabilities. But unlike the other two, it doesn’t…

Cactus Rose 100

by Joe Prusaitis Cactus Rose celebrated her 8th anniv with a warmer than usual attitude, providing her usual stabs and…

Strava Games

When I was much younger, but still old enough to know better, we used to play a game involving bicycles…


No matter what mileage you run per week or how many races you have in a year, it’s helpful to have an off-season, and this is the time of year to consider how to get the most from this phase of training. This article lists some of the advantages of down-time, plus tips for getting the most from it.

On Giving Thanks

The world is roiling. Whether it’s conflict and atrocities in the war-torn areas of the Middle East, struggles for control…

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