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UltraRunning November 2017

  • Ultra Couples by Amy Rusiecki
  • Headlamps Review by Donald Buraglio
  • The Power of the Pack by Ellie Greenwood
  • Bigfoot 200 by Van Phan
  • Tony Rossmann Battles Back by John Trent
  • It Goes with the Territory by Errol Jones

The Ultrarunning Calendar
The calendar was my first running “tool.” When I began seriously training, a simple wall calendar provided a handy place to record what I had done. These days, the old running calendar has become a part of social media. I think the value still distills down to the same essential ingredients: the numbers and the compulsion to improve them.
Avalon 50 Benefit Run
What determines an epic race? This year’s Avalon 50 Benefit Run possessed elements to be remembered, e.g., mud, sweat and tears. The newly added 50k option had its share of stories too.
The North Face Endurance Challenge – California
It’s 4:00 a.m. The coffee is hot. The boys are ready to rock. For some of us, The North Face Endurance Challenge California 50 mile marks their first exploration into the ultramarathon world. For others, this is an opportunity for progression at the 50-mile distance.
TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music GPS Watch
The TomTom Spark 3 is an updated GPS from TomTom’s general fitness category that has extensive crossover appeal to runners – in fact, the feature set of the Spark 3 includes everything found on the company’s Runner 3 watch.
Ask Ann: Heart Rate Homework
The key to getting the most out of using a heart rate monitor is understanding that your heart is unique. While there is a wide range of possibilities to use your heart rate monitor for your training and racing, I recommend starting simply.
Volunteerism & Running Longevity
Besides self-improvement, embedded in my philosophy as an ultrarunner, therapist and coach is sustainability: what can we do today that will ensure we can do what we love, tomorrow? And the next several thousand tomorrows?
Getting Lost
The surprise isn’t that ultrarunners get lost once in a while. The surprise is that they’re not all lost all…
Ask Ann: Beer as an anti-inflammatory?
I need an expert opinion on this running/beer question. I’ve heard that beer acts as an anti-inflammatory. Have you ever had a “cold one” after a hard run? Do you think it aids in your recovery?
Hydration Gear Review – Part 1: Handheld And Waist-Mounted Systems
Over the past several years, innovations in hydration science have evolved at a somewhat steady rate; it seems like every summer there are advanced formulations, newly discovered ingredients, or enhanced electrolyte blends that promise to improve our performance. For the containers that hold those drinks, however, it was a different story.
Run The Rann 101KM – Dholviria, India
Traveling overseas as an “elite athlete” comes with romantic aire of catered this, escorted that. A plane ticket arrives in your email inbox with an itinerary you may have had some input on. This particular trip, I was thankful to see the direct flights, minimal connections each way and with a carrier I fly frequently.
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