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UltraRunning August 2019

  • Western States
  • Trail Work and the Future of the Sport
  • Taper Time: the Final Weeks
  • Slaying the Sleep Monster
  • Fake Math
  • San Diego 100
  • The Couch-to-100-Mile Training Plan
Double Chubb 50K: Quadruple Bypass

We had a very snowy, wet winter in St. Louis. Couple that with epic amounts of snow up north, and you end up with the perfect storm. So, for the first time in six years (and the first time since I’ve been RD), we had to invoke the beloved “Quadruple Bypass” route.

Manitou’s Revenge

Manitou’s Revenge is run through some sections of the Catskills designated as wilderness areas. By the time runners reach their drop bags, they’ve already run a 50k. What follows is an unholy mess – the Devil’s Path – featuring steep and technical climbs and descents over four of its peaks, some of them more than a bit sketchy.

Umstead 100: Racing to Remission

“Sorry for the long wait, but I can now offer you an entry spot into our race.” These magical words confirmed I had secured a “competitive entrant” slot, just eight weeks prior to the 25th edition of the Umstead 100.

Tricks of the Trade: Mud Running

Spring is a time of the year when the snow is melting, birds are tweeting (old-school style) and the sun is shining a bit brighter. A combination of warm sun and melting snow creates one of our furry running buddies favorite things, and one of the worst substances to get off running shoes – mud.

Spring Shoe Review 2019

This season’s batch were tested in extremely wet and muddy winter conditions throughout California and the Pacific Northwest, as well as the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and high desert terrain in Arizona.

Rain Returns to Hurt

HURT hasn’t had course conditions like this since 2011, when rain poured on race weekend. Back then, the finish rate was only 29%. It’s gotten as high as 60%, so we were wondering if people might stop thinking of the HURT 100 as a tough race.

How to Finish Your Own Barkley

The secrets to completing the Barkley, or your Barkley, are not about diet, equipment or your crew. You must learn as much as possible about the course you are facing and prepare yourself to eliminate wasted time. Most importantly, you must maintain the effort even when success doesn’t seem possible.

Gear Checklist for 2019 Marathon Des Sables

The Marathon Des Sables is long (6 stages, 7 days) and exhausting: 155 miles on average each year, with temperatures always in the 90s. The only thing race management gives you is water, more or less, every six miles. All the rest you must carry in your 14-33 pound backpack. Here are my last-minute tips regarding gear for the 34th Marathon Des Sables.

Retool Your Running Mechanics: Transition to the Outdoors

In part one of this series, we started with a home-based strength and coordination program to lay the platform for a stronger and more capable runner. In part two, we incorporated outdoor movements and drills to further refine the process. Part three pulls all of these components together and moves them to become efficient and economical trail running.

First Look: Arc’teryx Norvan SL Trail Shoes

A great all-purpose trail shoe for moving fast and light on all manner of trails. Their spec weight is among the lowest you’ll find in trail shoes, but there’s enough traction, comfort, and durability to use as a minimalist trainer or an outstanding race shoe for distances up to about 50k.

Blue Collar Runners: Hugh Tower-Pierce

Now retired from skiing and the arduous training that came with it, a thought lingered in Hugh’s mind from his old training days: “I felt like I did better the longer the distance was… maybe it was something I should explore.” It turned out Hugh’s intuition was right – and ultrarunning was the perfect match.

Kami Semick’s Comeback: Racing Again with a Fresh Outlook

A decade ago, at 42, Kami Semick reached the pinnacle of ultrarunning. She won every race she entered in 2009, including two world championship events in the 100K and 50K, and earned UltraRunning’s Ultrarunner of the Year title for the second year in a row. But five years later, she called it quits and disappeared from the sport.

Three Lessons from Running Ultras

One of the many reasons I love the sport of ultrarunning is that it provides never-ending opportunities for learning—not just training strategies or what diet works best, but also about what drives us to run ridiculously long distances and put the hard work in to make it possible.

10 Years of the Wild Duluth

The Wild Duluth 100K and 50K races were created in 2009 to show off a new segment of the Superior Hiking Trail that spans the entire length of the City of Duluth, Minnesota, staying predominantly on the ridge overlooking the mighty Lake Superior. The trail is spectacular, and the views are plentiful as the trail crosses rocky overlooks, waterfalls and creeks, under stately white pines.

UltrAspire Bryce XT Hydration Pack

A multi-purpose hydration pack designed for adventure running, mountain biking or moving fast through mountain terrain. It combines excellent cargo capacity with comfortable, durable construction and expansive front cargo access.

Your First 100-Miler

Compared to shorter ultras you may have completed, the 100-mile race is a strange and formidable beast and nothing like bowling. It’ll be harder than anything you’ve done before, so here are some ways to prepare and ensure your first hundo is a success.

Orcas Island 50K: A Whale of a Time

It’s difficult to top a magical Pacific Northwest island when it comes to trail running. Race weekend is a special experience, from riding the ferry, experiencing the slow pace and artsy vibe of island life, cruising along some of the greenest forest trails you’ll ever see and soaking in panoramic summit views from Seattle to Canada and the Cascade Mountains to Puget Sound.

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