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UltraRunning October 2017

  • Fall Shoe Review
  • A Primer on MUT and USATF by Traci Falbo
  • Tahoe Rim Trail by George Ruiz
  • Living the Dream by John Trent
  • Ego: A Double-Edged Weapon by Errol Jones
  • Skyline
  • Lightweight Running Jackets Review by Donald Buraglio

Black Diamond Ion and Iota Headlamps Review
Black Diamond makes a big hit by going small. The Ion is the company’s smallest, lightest and most compact fully functional headlamp that runs on AAA batteries. The Iota is a new lamp this winter, and is the smallest and lightest rechargeable light Black Diamond offers
Quick & Dirty: Brian Rusiecki
Veteran ultrarunner Brian Rusiecki wrapped up another rock-solid year of running with a win at the Hellgate 100K in Fincastle, VA in 11:01:26. The man has been a stalwart of the East Coast ultrarunning scene for the past decade, seemingly winning everything there is in that region.
Plain Endurance Runs 2016 Race Report
Plain is an unmarked, no aid-station race that provides runners the additional challenge of having to be totally self-sufficient. The event is held on established, well-marked trails in the Okanagan National Forest so route finding isn’t really an issue, it’s just reading the map and following directions.
Races As Training Runs
Races can be very useful training arenas as alternatives to solo long runs. There’s certainly a tendency for ultrarunners to race a lot more frequently than the traditional spring and fall marathon, so what’s the best way to incorporate races for training purposes?
Habits Or The Trick Of Running Every Day
There really is no big secret to improve our results as ultrarunners. For all the time and energy we expend on nutrition, gear, cross training, and other peripheral aspects of the sport; in the end our results are a direct reflection of our training mileage. And the biggest obstacle to accumulating the mileage necessary to achieve the results we desire is inconsistency.
Ask Ann: Heart Rate Homework
The key to getting the most out of using a heart rate monitor is understanding that your heart is unique. While there is a wide range of possibilities to use your heart rate monitor for your training and racing, I recommend starting simply.
Volunteerism & Running Longevity
Besides self-improvement, embedded in my philosophy as an ultrarunner, therapist and coach is sustainability: what can we do today that will ensure we can do what we love, tomorrow? And the next several thousand tomorrows?
Getting Lost
The surprise isn’t that ultrarunners get lost once in a while. The surprise is that they’re not all lost all…
Ask Ann: Beer as an anti-inflammatory?
I need an expert opinion on this running/beer question. I’ve heard that beer acts as an anti-inflammatory. Have you ever had a “cold one” after a hard run? Do you think it aids in your recovery?
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