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UltraRunning August 2017

  • Trekking Pole Review
  • Western States
  • A Primer on Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Old Dominion 100
  • Preventing Runner’s Trots
  • McDonald Forest
  • Running Far, Living Out Youth

When Darkness Falls
With daylight savings time rapidly approaching, it’s not uncommon for thoughts about running to turn dark. And there’s no doubt that it takes some adjustment to running at night and in the early morning hours, especially on the trails. I got to experience my first “overnight ultra” while pacing at Western States 100 this year, and even though I’ve trained in the dark in the past, there were a few things I learned.
Fat Dog 120
I had just made the first hard cutoff at Fat Dog 120 with barely 30 minutes to spare. I had been extremely conservative all day…sticking to the Day 1 plan. If I were going to make it on Day 2, Day 1 would have to be flawless. It was anything but flawless. In a perfect world I would have a cushion of at least five hours at the finish. Thus began the mad chase to dodge the cutoffs for next 83 miles, on razor thin margins.
UltrAspire Formula 250
A small collapsible hybrid container with a high-flow valve opening that can be used for fluids, gels, and thicker content like applesauce or nut butters. The container has a capacity of 250ml and fits easily into a bottle holder when full, and into a small pocket when empty. The Formula 250 allows for transport of personalized nutrition needs on the go,
Running In, And For, Patagonia
by Nick Barraza This year’s Patagonian International Ultra-Marathon was nothing short of magical. Combining the natural elegance and wonder of Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia with eco-conservation initiatives in the area, the event attracted over 740 runners
Stepping Up To Ultra
My seatmate asked what was bringing me to Chicago. “I’m going to run the marathon,” I informed him. “Wow,” he…
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