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2018 Trail Running Film Festival

The Trail Running Film Festival has grown to include a nation wide tour that showcases two hours of the top films to inspire and cultivate current and future trail running athletes. Join the tour at any of the 40+ cities through the end of December.

Walking With Laz – #Lazcon2018

Rolling up to Laz, he appeared as though he could have been part of a survey crew, or some form of civic organization in his neon yellow reflective vest. But Gary Cantrell, more commonly known as Lazarus Lake (Laz for short), is far from being associated with any government entity. He’s on a mission to walk across the United States, and he’s almost finished.

Trail Etiquette: How to Be a Better Person on the Trails

To me, it’s vital that we all think about trail etiquette – how to respect and maintain the beautiful natural environments that we choose to run through, and how to respect our fellow trail users. It’s important to recognize that we share the trails with others.

Running 50 Miles at 36 Weeks Pregnant

I was 36 weeks pregnant when I ran the North Country Trail 50 Mile last year. Even though I knew it would be a challenge, I was cleared by my doctors so I was up for the challenge to prove you can do anything you set your mind to.

Stride Frequency and Running Economy

Most of us can’t escape the ultra-shuffle as we reach the later stages of races. As we fatigue our biomechanics change in many ways, including changes in stride length and frequency. In this article I will shy away from the nitty gritty details of biomechanics and focus on the relationship between stride length and frequency and how they impact running economy.

Fall Is Here

For most ultrarunners winter and spring was all about training and preparing for a big summer race. The first half of the year had so much focus and promise. And now… it is fall. Fall. Even the name of the season implies pain and loss.

Titletown Ultra Series: The Ring of Fire

On a toasty morning, I toed the line for my first crack at the Titletown Ultra Series 15.5-hour event on June 30. There are three time lengths to choose from: six hours, eight hours, and the solstice run challenge where you run 15.5 hours from sun up to sun down.

Seven Sisters – A Special Trail

There’s a joke between me and Brian about his training habits. If it’s a Saturday, he’s probably running the Seven Sisters. If it’s a Sunday, he’s probably running the Seven Sisters. If it’s a holiday, day off from work or even one of his every-other Fridays off, he’s probably running the Seven Sisters.

Ice Age Trail 50

2018 – the year I turned 40 and the year I tackled my first 50 mile race – the Ice Age Trail 50!

Burning River 50: Four Angels and a Prayer

The Burning River 50 Mile was my second “race-cation.” My husband, Jon, and I combined it with four days of short, easy hiking at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio before the ultra on July 28.

In Search of Motivation

Low spots. Speed bumps. Ruts. We’ve all had them. Suddenly you find yourself in the midst of training without any mojo and weeks to go. How do you get back those butterflies you initially felt after registering on  Here are a few ideas to conquer what you’ll eventually see as a minor blip on your way to the finish line.

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