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UltraRunning May/June 2019

  • Flavor Science: An Interview with Magda Boulet
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  • Santa Barbara Nine Trails
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  • Western States Research Update
Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

As a mountain lover, the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) had tremendous appeal. The idea of connecting the mountain and high desert ranges through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana was irresistible.

A Marathon Can Rev Up Your Ultrarunning

As I considered the apples-to-oranges comparison between road marathons and mountain ultras, I wondered. What if, instead of trying to be the marathon runner I used to be, I embraced the tougher, heavier, more truck-like ultrarunner I’ve become?

Spring Trail Shades for Every Budget

As days get longer and brighter, it’s important to protect your eyes from harmful glare and other elements. This spring we’ve been using three models that combine classic styling with the necessary protection you need.

A Backyard Ultra: Iowa’s Hawkeye 50K

Destination races are fun. But, they also are expensive and stressful. That’s one of the beauties of the Hawkeye 50K. Located within scenic Lake Macbride State Park near Solon, Iowa, it’s less than an hour from my front door.

Fat Ass 50K Returns to North Carolina

Held at Camp Millstone 4H Camp in Richmond County, the race consists of three 10.4-mile loops on the North Carolina Game Lands. Like all Fat Ass events, there are no t-shirts, no awards and no whining.

10 Stages of Running an Ultra

It is difficult to explain to a non-runner what it’s like to run an ultramarathon. How can you possibly put into words the excitement, the highs, the lows, the torture and the triumph of such an audacious pursuit? Here’s my attempt to explain the stages of running an ultramarathon by using something everyone can understand: cartoon characters.

Rabbit Mighty Tights

These women’s running tights from rabbit include a little compression and a lot of comfort. Perfect for mild winter weather or a chilly spring day, these tights will wick away moisture but aren’t insulated for sub-freezing temperatures.

Getting Answers at the Long Haul 100

At 66 years old, could I still go the distance? Was 2019 going to continue my bad luck from 2018? Could I still notch a 100-mile finish as a spanking-new granddad and add Florida to my long list of states where I’d run a 100-mile race?

Blue Collar Runners: Lulu Martinez

Running came into Lulu Martinez’s life exactly when she needed it. Growing up in Mexico, Lulu was not sporty. “I actually failed PE class. I graduated with honors, but not in PE. I was never a person who enjoyed any physical activity whatsoever.”

11 Finishes at JFK 50

In its best years, the first 15 miles of the JFK 50 are difficult. An unusually wet fall in western Maryland was bound to make conditions on the course even more miserable, especially for those of us in the mid to rear pack. We were not disappointed.

Bronco Billy’s Tough 21 Strength Routine

Since turning 40 almost seven years ago, Jeff Browning has reacquainted himself with strength training. As a professional ultrarunner, he attributes his recent success to his “Tough 21” routine that helps him handle the volume and stress of 100-milers. Read and watch more about this circuit he does a few times per week.

The Ultrarunner’s Beer & Run Pairing Guide

The Ultrarunner’s Beer & Run Pairing Guide aims to provide runners with the perfect beers to enjoy after a run. Countless years of “research” went into creating this guide. All pairing suggestions are based solely on the taste buds of the author and only include beers that are relatively easy-to-find in regional craft beer stores and that the author has personally sampled.

Medi-Dyne CoreStretch

A rigid yet mobile and adjustable contraption that can be used for stretching most of the major muscle groups in your body, with primary effectiveness in the core muscles of your trunk, spine and hamstrings.

Inspiration Comes 
in All Shapes and Sizes

For the past three years, I’ve been volunteering for the running club at my kids’ school. Kindergartners through fifth graders have the option of using their recess to run laps instead of play on the playground. Some of them choose to run a couple, while others run as many laps as they possibly can in their 20 minutes of free time.

Longevity at Across The Years

There’s been a wave of participation in our sport in the last 10-15 years, even in the 60, 70 and 80+ age groups. It’s revealing of both the sport and its participants that it’s possible to stay in the sport and run a 100-miler every year. For decades.

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