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UltraRunning October 2017

  • Fall Shoe Review
  • A Primer on MUT and USATF by Traci Falbo
  • Tahoe Rim Trail by George Ruiz
  • Living the Dream by John Trent
  • Ego: A Double-Edged Weapon by Errol Jones
  • Skyline
  • Lightweight Running Jackets Review by Donald Buraglio

Marathon On a Treadmill
An annoying man decided to use the treadmill directly to my right, despite there being several available options farther away. He immediately set his pace 1 mph faster than mine. The audacity of this individual was simply frustrating! So I did what any man in my position would do. I increased my speed by 2 mph.
New to the Pack: Brandon Miller Slays the Canadian Death Race
As with many ultrarunner origin stories, Brandon Miller’s running career started as a cross country speed demon in his home town of Barrie, Ontario. After high school, as he began a demanding college course load in Mechanical Engineering at Queens University in Ontario, priorities shifted and running took a far second to his studies.
Another Fall From Grace
Coming off a year of successful ultramarathons, I was pretty jacked. My plan was to complete more of my “bucket list” races for the summer. Could I complete three more ultras this year? Four more? It was a big stretch, but possible. If I was smart, that is…
HOKA launches Women Who Fly film series
HOKA launched Women Who Fly, a film series that features three runners—Ultrarunners Devon Yanko and Catra Corbett, and triathlete Shirin Gerami—and their stories: about running, sexual assault, addiction and religion.
Hotter Than Hell, Dusk to Dawn 10-Hour
Hotter than Hell, Dusk to Dawn is a night trail run that pits runners against the oppressive heat and humidity of a South Louisiana summer. The race starts at dusk on the middle weekend of July and ends ten hours later at dawn.
Why Ultras Need Ham Radio
In the remote world of ultras, quick communication is key when it comes to finding lost runners and saving lives. With cell coverage spotty at best in most mountain ranges, ultra marathons must rely on the expertise of local ham (amateur) radio operators.
Fierce at My First 100-Miler: Burning River
My five-foot-one and barely-north-of-100-pound frame was patiently waiting in the shadow of a literal castle to embark on my first 100-mile adventure. Thoughts of “What will happen?” and “Can I even do it?” swirled through my mind.
HARRC’s Conococheague 50K Trail Run
On a devilishly hot July day, 56 runners from five states met to run the 5th edition of the Harrisburg Area Road Runners Club’s Conococheague 50K Trail Run. The event is held on rock-covered single track and forest service roads in the wilds of western Perry County, Pennsylvania, in the Tuscarora State Forest.
Facing Life’s Battles
I’d like to think that the characteristics needed to run ultramarathons can translate to other areas of everyday life. The…
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