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UltraRunning May/June 2018

  • 10 Ways to Make Cutoffs, PR or Beat a Rival by Liza Howard
  • Downhill Running by Jason Koop
  • Way Too Cool by Max King
  • The Race Is Canceled? I Don’t Think So. by Josie Rozell
  • Sunglasses Review by Donald Buraglio
  • 48 Hours in Vegas: Ultra Style by Cory Reese

When A Pact Was Made
A lifetime can be broken down into many, many individual moments. Those moments blend together as times passes and we often misremember past events, confuse memories, and forget large swaths of moments altogether. It’s rare that we can look back to a particular moment and mark it as a definitive one. But sometimes those defining moments do stick in our memory.
Hellcat 50K: A Run into History
It was a perfect day for a race in the shadow of WWII heroes. Hosted by the Military Museum of Northern Florida, the race is held on a former WWII airbase and loops through magnificent cypress swamps around the perimeter of the old base. Remains of crashed aircraft and old bunkers are still visible.
Overcoming Monotony
Runners, beware, you are about to enter the twilight zone.  This is the dimension that exposes long-held beliefs that cause of chronic burn-out. It is a journey into a wondrous land that defies dogma and disposes of the monotonous. A place where mindless, boring exercise goes to die.
Longevity in Ultra Running
Some people can run ultramarathons for years, even decades, and never get a serious injury. Others are very injury-prone, forced into taking extended breaks often. Surely, some runner’s bodies are better suited to the demands of running far than others, but there’s got to be more to it.
The Long Shadow of Depression
After falling in love with a man who shirks labels and simply states there is a darkness that at moments is all consuming, I have learned more profoundly than through all my years working in mental health the heartbreaking meaning behind this statement.
Heaven on Earth
My dad retired in his late fifties and has been having the time of his life for the past few decades. He turns 85 this year and is still doing his thing – playing tennis, hunting all sorts of birds and doing real yard work. He loves to play games – especially bridge and gin rummy.
A Wild Deluge at Duluth
The sky was dark and the ground was dry when we arrived at the shore of Lake Superior for the ninth annual Wild Duluth 100K on October 21, 2017. There were 74 of us with our crews, gathered at Bayfront Park, only half of whom would finish.
The Goal Of Pacing And Crewing
As you begin to dive into the final weeks of training for spring ultras, consider which of your running compadrés might need a crew or pacer this season. With the pacer request page recently launched on the Western States website, there’s no guarantee all registered runners will be able to bring along someone to support them during the 100-mile adventure.
Destination Unknown: The Spirit Also Rises
“When you backpack the JMT you explore the outer world; when you FKT the JMT you explore your inner world.” Going as fast as I could on the JMT, as it turns out, I explored both, and in nearly overwhelming quantities.
VF Corporation Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Altra
VF Corporation, a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories, and ICON Health & Fitness, Inc., a world leader in home, commercial and connected fitness, today announced that they have signed a definitive purchase agreement for the Altra® footwear brand. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
Exit Stage Left
It’s early in the year and as they say, “Hope springs eternal.” But when formulating plans for what’s to come it’s also important to start considering what your future exit strategy might be.
Ghost Town 50K February Invitational
This year’s race was small and intimate. Due to a variety of reasons (not the least being flu or car problems) 12 runners took the start at the Ghost Town 50K, held outside of Hillsboro, New Mexico.
Tip Your Hat To Trail Etiquette
Racing season has arrived. There’s no better time for those of us both old and new to the sport of ultra running to remember that trail etiquette can make or break a hard-earned race experience. Just last weekend, I was reminded how small things can have a huge impact in even the shortest of trail races.
My Arrowhead 135: Lunar Eclipse
In the heart of winter, the Arrowhead 135, from International Falls to Tower, Minnesota offers many choices to participants: bike, ski, or foot division; supported or unsupported.
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