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UltraRunning August 2017

  • Trekking Pole Review
  • Western States
  • A Primer on Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Old Dominion 100
  • Preventing Runner’s Trots
  • McDonald Forest
  • Running Far, Living Out Youth

Altra Timp First Look
“Timp” is the nickname Utah locals use for Mount Timpanogos, the second highest mountain in the Wasatch Range, with an iconic trail climbing to the 11,752 foot summit. Altra founder Golden Harper calls this the “long day” shoe, and it’s definitely made with long distance mountain running in mind.
Have You Ever Wanted to Photoshop Your Finish Photo?
You’re not supposed to look good after you run a hundred miles. Didn’t matter. It was still the worst race finish photo I had ever taken, yet it was the most important one. It was the singular moment when all the training, the doubts, the worries, the planning, was about to give way to relief, triumph and pure joy.
Switzerland’s Trail Verbier St. Bernard
The Trail Verbier St. Bernard is a series of trail races in the mountains surrounding Verbier, Switzerland. The X-Alpine race at 110 kilometers is the longest race with the Grand Traversée being the next longest in the series at about 65k and just under 14,000 net gain.
The Fine Line Between Overtraining and Illness
It gets confusing to tell the difference between being exhausted from training/racing and being tired due to illness. But it takes just a few hours to get it checked it out and get answers, and then create a plan towards recovery.
Fuego y Agua Survival Run: Adapt or Die
This run in Nicaragua takes you over two volcanos while traveling around the island of Ometepe completing tasks that imitate daily local Nicaraguan life. It forces you to adapt to the challenges you face as you run 60 miles through a brutal course and the chances are that you will not finish.
Just Another Number on a 100-mile Western States Journey
With each passing year, it’s a race we know we shouldn’t be running. But often, against our better judgment, knowing full well the runner we were last year, or 10 years ago, or 20 years ago could be far different from who we are today, we run it anyway.
Lost Boys 50 Mile Trail Run
We have officially revived this old-school race, established in 1991, and are quietly, in an unknown corner of the ultrarunning world, building something great.
Quick & Dirty: Dani Filipek, New Ultrarunner and New U.S. 50 Mile Champ
Last week at the Cayuga Trails 50 Mile, Dani Filipek won the US 50 Mile National Championships and secured a spot on the 2018 Trail World Championships team. A new face in the sport, having made her ultra debut this year, Filipek sports a speedy marathon PB of 2:41:32 and ran at the 2016 Olympic Marathon Team Trials.
First Look: North Face Ultra Vertical
The North Face Ultra Vertical is an offshoot of the company’s Ultra MT trail runner, with an aggressive outsole, high breathability in the upper, and a nice blend of cushioning and protection through the midsole.
Zion 100-Mile: Like Running on Mars
Never had I experienced a landscape like that of the Zion 100-Mile. The race takes place adjacent to Zion National Park, through the dry valley floor and up onto giant mesas dwarfing runners with their enormity.
The Terror
The Terror was not about Leadville. It was my subconscious awareness that every difficult emotion I had been avoiding was coming with me out on that course.
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