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Blue Collar Runners: Sharon Knorr

Sharon Knorr was quiet and reserved as a child growing up in Marietta, Georgia. Early on, after receiving discouraging advice from her doctor who suggested that she not run due to her asthma, she decided she wouldn’t be held back.

Reconnect with Your Roots

Running on trails satisfies a primal need to connect with nature. The sheer thrill of treading across dirt, rocks and roots reaches deep into the soul and leaves us wanting more. After I began running ultras, I discovered another soulful connection with the trails that I never expected.

Three Lessons from Running Ultras

One of the many reasons I love the sport of ultrarunning is that it provides never-ending opportunities for learning—not just training strategies or what diet works best, but also about what drives us to run ridiculously long distances and put the hard work in to make it possible.

10 Years of the Wild Duluth

The Wild Duluth 100K and 50K races were created in 2009 to show off a new segment of the Superior Hiking Trail that spans the entire length of the City of Duluth, Minnesota, staying predominantly on the ridge overlooking the mighty Lake Superior. The trail is spectacular, and the views are plentiful as the trail crosses rocky overlooks, waterfalls and creeks, under stately white pines.

UltrAspire Bryce XT Hydration Pack

A multi-purpose hydration pack designed for adventure running, mountain biking or moving fast through mountain terrain. It combines excellent cargo capacity with comfortable, durable construction and expansive front cargo access.

Your First 100-Miler

Compared to shorter ultras you may have completed, the 100-mile race is a strange and formidable beast and nothing like bowling. It’ll be harder than anything you’ve done before, so here are some ways to prepare and ensure your first hundo is a success.

Orcas Island 50K: A Whale of a Time

It’s difficult to top a magical Pacific Northwest island when it comes to trail running. Race weekend is a special experience, from riding the ferry, experiencing the slow pace and artsy vibe of island life, cruising along some of the greenest forest trails you’ll ever see and soaking in panoramic summit views from Seattle to Canada and the Cascade Mountains to Puget Sound.

Fat Ass 50K Returns to North Carolina

Held at Camp Millstone 4H Camp in Richmond County, the race consists of three 10.4-mile loops on the North Carolina Game Lands. Like all Fat Ass events, there are no t-shirts, no awards and no whining.

10 Stages of Running an Ultra

It is difficult to explain to a non-runner what it’s like to run an ultramarathon. How can you possibly put into words the excitement, the highs, the lows, the torture and the triumph of such an audacious pursuit? Here’s my attempt to explain the stages of running an ultramarathon by using something everyone can understand: cartoon characters.

Rabbit Mighty Tights

These women’s running tights from rabbit include a little compression and a lot of comfort. Perfect for mild winter weather or a chilly spring day, these tights will wick away moisture but aren’t insulated for sub-freezing temperatures.

Getting Answers at the Long Haul 100

At 66 years old, could I still go the distance? Was 2019 going to continue my bad luck from 2018? Could I still notch a 100-mile finish as a spanking-new granddad and add Florida to my long list of states where I’d run a 100-mile race?

Blue Collar Runners: Lulu Martinez

Running came into Lulu Martinez’s life exactly when she needed it. Growing up in Mexico, Lulu was not sporty. “I actually failed PE class. I graduated with honors, but not in PE. I was never a person who enjoyed any physical activity whatsoever.”

11 Finishes at JFK 50

In its best years, the first 15 miles of the JFK 50 are difficult. An unusually wet fall in western Maryland was bound to make conditions on the course even more miserable, especially for those of us in the mid to rear pack. We were not disappointed.

Bronco Billy’s Tough 21 Strength Routine

Since turning 40 almost seven years ago, Jeff Browning has reacquainted himself with strength training. As a professional ultrarunner, he attributes his recent success to his “Tough 21” routine that helps him handle the volume and stress of 100-milers. Read and watch more about this circuit he does a few times per week.

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