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UltraRunning July 2017

  • Shaking It Out With Topher Gaylord by Mario Fraioli
  • Barkley Marathons by “Laz” Cantrell, RD
  • From Desperation to Salvation by Robert Plagmann
  • Hill Training for Flatlanders by Travis Macy
  • How to Run in an Inferno by Dean Karnazes
  • The Joy of the Ultra Community by Ellie Greenwood
  • Weight and Resistance Training by Ann Trason

Zion 100-Mile: Like Running on Mars
Never had I experienced a landscape like that of the Zion 100-Mile. The race takes place adjacent to Zion National Park, through the dry valley floor and up onto giant mesas dwarfing runners with their enormity.
Quick & Dirty: Hayden Hawks, Zion Traverse Fastest Known Time
In this edition of Quick & Dirty, I chat with Hayden Hawks, who recently shaved more than a half hour off the Zion Traverse FKT. Hawks completed the 48-mile crossing of Zion National Park in 6:50:49, beating the previous record of 7:22:08, held by Mike Foote and Justin Yates.
The Gateway Drug
If you’re an ultramarathoner, chances are that you started with a marathon. An informal survey of ultarunning friends reveals that most of them did at least one marathon before moving up to ultras. Going 26 miles seems to be a sure-fire path to becoming an ultrarunner.
Running Massage Tools Review
One inevitable side effect of ramping up your training load is the development of increasingly persistent aches and soreness in your key muscle groups. We’ve tested a few massage devices this spring, each of which has a slightly different method of application, but all have a similar purpose of working your problem areas before they become limitations.
Yes, The Gorge Does Have Teeth
After missing last year’s Gorge Waterfalls 100K due to injury, I wasn’t about to let a little weather stand in my way this time. But in the back of my head, a phrase I’d heard over social media continued to echo over and over, “The Gorge has teeth.”
The Triple Cripple Crown Challenge
Few have completed the challenge that consists of the Tevis 100-mile Endurance Ride, the Levi Ride and Tie (now known as the World Ride and Tie Championships) and the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run.
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