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UltraRunning May/June 2018

  • 10 Ways to Make Cutoffs, PR or Beat a Rival by Liza Howard
  • Downhill Running by Jason Koop
  • Way Too Cool by Max King
  • The Race Is Canceled? I Don’t Think So. by Josie Rozell
  • Sunglasses Review by Donald Buraglio
  • 48 Hours in Vegas: Ultra Style by Cory Reese

Three Miles an Hour Is All I Ask
When you do what we do, it sounds so easy. “I just need to cover a little more than three miles an hour.” Three miles an hour and just a little more, how hard can that be? It sounds so simplistic, so easy. Until you’re the one who has to accomplish it in the midst of a 100-mile event, then it becomes that monumental task.
Live Wire Sabotage
Stories of canceled flights, food poisoning and illness have circulated as unfortunate reasons for a DNS (did not start). But never in my 16-year, long distance running career have I ever faced an obstacle while getting to the race start.
My Ice Age 50 Travail
I wanted an Ice Age belt buckle. At 72-years-young, now wouldn’t be too soon. I expected to be on the edge, chasing the cutoff most of the day… if most things went right.
Growth of the Sport
“When 26.2 Miles Isn’t Enough” is the title of an article published last month by British newspaper and digital media outlet The Guardian that explores the “phenomenal rise of the ultramarathon.” It is an interesting topic for any ultrarunner.
Will Glycogen-depleted Runs Improve Your Performance?
If you spend any amount of time talking about ultrarunning nutrition, you are almost certain to hear the term “fat adapted.” The general idea is that a “fat adapted” athlete will be very efficient at burning fat and thus have an immense supply of stored fuel, eliminating the need to ingest large quantities of carbs.
Leona Divide 50K
A 90-minute drive from Los Angeles, Leona Divide is run mostly on the scenic Pacific Crest Trail among undulating green mountains and views of distant Lake Hughes.
Marathon Des Sables Wrap-Up
This is the last text from the Sahara, my friends, after three days of cruel intensity. Magdalena Boulet won the race easy. She still looks amazing. Most of us survived it, struggling.
A Rumble In The Woods
Wildfires scorched over 24,000 acres of the Deschutes National Forest just west of Sisters, Oregon late last summer. Thick smoke settled in the small town of just 2,000 people, delaying the start of school and forcing many to cancel their vacation plans. So when the Peterson Ridge Rumble announced that the only change to this year’s event was a shortened section of trail on the 40-mile race course, no one was complaining.
Naked Running Band and UltrAspire Fitted Race Belt
Two leading entries in the newly emerging utility belt category, the Naked Running Band and UltrAspire Fitted Race Belt are mesh and elastic waistbands that are chock full of pockets and attachment sites to carry your essentials on the run.
Looking Back At The First Year
Think back to your first year running ultramarathons. Remember those nerves that stemmed from stepping into the unknown? How many times did you ask yourself if you’d be able to go the distance? What did crossing the finish line of your very first ultra do for your confidence?
Destination Unknown: 3,770 Miles to Nowhere
Was it really possible in the modern world to use the feet more than fossil fuels to get around? It sounded like a life adventure worthy of an attempt and, as a longtime ultra runner, Phil Kiddoo had always thought it somewhat ridiculous how many miles he drove simply to go for runs.
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