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UltraRunning October 2017

  • Fall Shoe Review
  • A Primer on MUT and USATF by Traci Falbo
  • Tahoe Rim Trail by George Ruiz
  • Living the Dream by John Trent
  • Ego: A Double-Edged Weapon by Errol Jones
  • Skyline
  • Lightweight Running Jackets Review by Donald Buraglio

A Primer on MUT and USATF
Participation in mountain, ultra and trail (MUT) races continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year. However, many people in the sport have little understanding of the role that USA Track & Field (USATF) plays in the MUT world. As a MUT representative with USATF and a member of multiple US Teams for World Championships, my goal with this article is to shed some light on that relationship and its history, as well as the history and structure of various World Championships in MUT.
Oregon Coast 50K: Come For The Beach, Stay For The Trails
The mystical beauty of the Oregon Coast harnesses thousands of visitors every year. Just drive Highway 101 any time between Memorial Day until the kids to return to school, and you’ll find a steady stream of cars filled with those who are dying to dip their toes into the 50-degree temps of the Pacific Ocean. Which is why early October is perfect for the Oregon Coast 50K, as runners begin looking for peaceful shores and deserted trails without having to worry about dodging seasonal tourists.
Solo, No Crew
“3-2-1… Have Fun!” Without a crew or a pacer ahead, I am able to just run along. There was a spreadsheet, but I don’t need it now – I’m not going to be late for anyone.
Capt’n Karl’s Run at Pedernales Falls
The race starts with a bit of single track, and as much as I try to begin at the back, there are others who come in behind me and then bumble about in the rocks and high grass, passing me where there’s no room to do so. Race director Chris McWatters is standing at his post to send us down a mile out-n-back and this is a wide enough jeep road that finally allows all the poor trap-ees behind me to escape and sprint past.
Running Camp with Bronco Billy & Speedgoat
With summer fading into a distant memory, you may already be reminiscing about sitting around the campfire under the stars. No matter what your age, those memories of being outside next to the crackling fire never seem to fade. Now imagine you’ve just finished a full day of running camp with Jeff Browning aka “Bronco Billy” and Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer.
Run, Rabbit, Run announces the Rabbit Cup; additional $100,000 in prize purse
The Run, Rabbit, Run 50 and 100 Mile Endurance Runs Presented by Altra is pleased to announce the creation of the inaugural $100,000 Run, Rabbit, Run “Rabbit Cup” to be held in September 14 and 15, 2018 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be run at the distance of 100 miles. Coupled with the Run, Rabbit, Run’s existing $65,000 purse, Altra’s Run, Rabbit, Run 100 mile run will offer a total purse of $165,000, making it by far the largest trail ultra purse in the world.
Thoughts Before and After My First 50-Miler
Do I trust myself to do the training, to put in the hours required? To show up for myself, even if that means pulling the plug when my ego really doesn’t want to? Do I trust myself to not listen to the brain when it says “Stop!” when it is only pain, and not actually debilitating? Do I trust myself to know the difference?
Night Hawk 50K: Take-Backs Allowed
Summer in Kansas can get brutally hot and humid so that is why the Lawrence Trail Hawks came up with the Night Hawk. It’s a chance to run a trail ultra at night when summertime temps can be a bit cooler.
Hot Year at the Promise Land 50K
Many folks think that Promise Land is the best 50k in the East. Runners camp for free Friday night at the start/finish. We provide 100 pizzas for the runners and they bring all the desserts. After the pre-race briefing, we have a big bonfire and make s’mores. There is great fellowship that goes on before and after the race.
Three Days at the Fair: Quinner the Winner
It was almost 143 hours into a six-day race when I finished my fifth consecutive eight-minute mile. I felt invincible. With a little more than an hour left, I wondered how long I could hold this break-neck pace.
What Happens After Wildfires
I sit here writing as three of my favorite trail systems across Oregon are being devastated by wildfire. As a former wildland firefighter, I understand that what may seem like a catastrophe can actually benefit an ecosystem. But as a trail runner, I continue to struggle with the fact that the lush trails full of thick vegetation and old growth trees are being scorched and burned away.
Polar M430 Advanced Running Watch
The successor to Polar’s previous M400 watch, with a boatload of feature updates that easily make it the most conveniently functional multi-purpose watch we’ve tested.
Deutschlandlauf, 820-Mile Stage Race Across Germany
Deutschlandlauf (translation: Germany Run) travels the length of Germany from north to south in a giant, S-shaped route, starting at sea level on the German island of Sylt at the Danish border, and ending at the highest point in Germany on the Austrian border—820 miles over 19 days.
On Trails
Without trails our sport would not exist. Sure there are road ultras and many “trail” ultras entail portions along fireroads, tow paths, running tracks and, gasp, even pavement. But if you look at the most popular and iconic ultras, they all include some epic trails. So yes, we need them.
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