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UltraRunning February 2020

  • 2019: The Year In Review by John Medinger
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  • 2019 Top Times
  • Ones to Watch in 2020
  • Winning Nutrition at Big’s
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Blue Collar Runners: Ruthie Loffi

Ruthie Loffi hung up her bib at mile 50 of the Rocky Raccoon 100 in 2018. Amid tears and disappointment, Ruthie had an epiphany about a nagging worry that had consumed her most of her life. It took this DNF (which Ruthie loves to refer to as Did Not Fail) to realize that not trying was far worse than failure itself.

Doing Hard Things – Daytona 100

In a world of conveniences, why take on hard challenges? Perhaps because in the pain, misery and torture that we face in these abbreviated and self-imposed adventures, we grow empathetic and remember that we are all in it together, from the first person to the last person crossing the finish line.

Tips to Avoid a Mid-Race Divorce

I’ve had some personal experiences running an ultramarathon with a spouse. I ran every step of a 100-miler with my wife, Mel. I also DNF’d a 100-miler with her. During both experiences, the miles tried to kill us. And at some point (okay, multiple points) during each race, we wanted to kill each other.

Sanders Saunter: Healing Hearts

In November 2019, the Lawrence Trail Hawks dedicated Sanders Saunter, their annual charity event, to 22BuddyCheck, a veteran suicide awareness organization, in honor of Colonel Christopher J. Wilson, USAR retired, who collapsed from a heart attack 2.6 miles from the 2018 Hawk Marathon finish line.

Gallagher and Bitter named #2 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Clare Gallagher is ranked second in the UROY voting for 2019. Gallagher won the Western States 100 in 17:23:25, the second-fastest time ever posted. She also won the highly competitive Way Too Cool 50K and was eighth at The North Face Endurance Challenge. An ardent environmental advocate, Gallagher lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Hazen and Lickteig named #3 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Jared Hazen is ranked third in the UROY voting for 2019. Hazen placed second at Western States in 14:26:46, a time that was under the previous course record, only to be second to his roommate and training partner, Jim Walmsley. He also placed second at the Santa Barbara Nine Trails 35 Mile, in a time that was under the previous course record, only to be second to his roommate and training partner, Jim Walmsley. Hazen also won the über-competitive Lake Sonoma 50, where his winning time of 6:08:31 was the third fastest in race history. Hazen lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Herron and Reagan named #4 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Camille Herron is ranked fourth in the voting for 2019. Herron broke her own world record with a startling 167.842 miles while winning the IAU World Championship in Albi, France. She also won the Tarawera 100 Mile in New Zealand, setting a course record. In an up and down year, Herron suffered DNFs at Lake Sonoma, Comrades and Western States. A native of Oklahoma, Herron and her husband, Conor, recently moved to Alamosa, Colorado.

Browning and Stanley named #5 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Jeff Browning is ranked fifth in the voting for 2019. One of the most consistent runners in recent years, Browning won the Bear 100, Tarawera 100 Mile in New Zealand and finished ninth at Western States. A coach and graphic designer, Browning, his wife Jennifer and their three kids recently moved to Bozeman, Montana.

Peterson and Tollefson named #6 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Brittany Peterson is sixth in the 2019 UROY voting. She won the Bandera 100K to earn a golden ticket to Western States, where she finished a strong second. Later in the summer, she was fourth at the Tromsø SkyRace in Norway. A native of Minnesota, Peterson teaches occupational therapy at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.

Leblond and Wang named #7 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Olivier Leblond checks in at number seven for 2019. Leblond won the Umstead 100 and Old Dominion 100, and placed third at the IAU World 24-Hour Championship with a stellar 171 miles – the second best mark in U.S. history. An IT contractor by day, Leblond lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Belize’s Escape from the Jungle: Q & A with the Race Director

At first, Escape from the Jungle, which will take place in the deep jungle of Belize during February 24–March 7, appeared to be an insanely dangerous event. The first week is called “Jungle Survival Training,” and local guides will follow each runner during the actual race, making sure participants will not…die.

Bracy and Hammond named #8 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Addie Bracy checks in as number eight in 2019. Bracy had a strong and consistent year, with podium finishes at Way Too Cool, Lake Sonoma 50 and The North Face Endurance Challenge. She also won the Quad Rock 50 and was ninth at Western States. Bracy lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her partner Corey, and recently completed a graduate program in sports and performance psychology at the University of Denver.

Daniels and Schide named #9 2019 UltraRunners of the Year

Matt Daniels is the ninth ranked runner in the 2019 Ultrarunner of the Year voting. After a DNF at the Bandera 100K in January, Daniels destroyed a deeply talented field while winning the Black Canyon 100K in February and receiving a golden ticket to Western States, where he finished fourth in his debut 100-miler. A Navy veteran and former All-American track standout at Adams State, Daniels lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his new bride, Lauren.

A Big Party: Surf the Murph and Savage 100

The big news for Surf the Murph, now in its 11th year, was co-mingling with the Savage 100 this time around for a plethora of racing options. The Savage 100 had been held five years prior and was making another appearance for runners who wanted 100k or even better, 100 miles of autumn bliss at Murphy-Hanrehan Park in Savage, Minnesota.

Through the Storm: The Volcanic 50

The morning of August 3, 2019, I set off to encircle Mt. St. Helens – the mountain that provided me with the most important event of my life. Its cataclysm forged a bond between boy and father so deep that decades of estrangement, alcohol, shame, failure, fear and disease could not destroy it.

The Running Event (TRE) Recap – Part 2

In Part 1 we showed you a lot of the shoes and apparel we’ll be testing in the year ahead. This time we’re looking at hydration vests and accessories and one emerging new category that has grown exponentially over the past year.

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