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Magazine Issues
UltraRunning May 2004

24 Hours on the Wonderland Trail, The Delicious Details of Obsession, At races – Way Too Cool 50 Km, Uncool 50 Km, Rucky Chucky 50 Km, Experiment of One: Questions — and Answers by Shawn McDonald and losts more

Magazine Issues
UltraRunning April 2004

Featured: Siri Terjesen… British Ultrarunning: An American Expat’s Perspective … Experiment of One: Race Selection, Goal Setting, and Race Planning for a 100-Mile… HURT 100 Mile and 100 Km … Las Trampas 50 Km … and much more

Magazine Issues
UltraRunning March 2004

Featured: Fat Ass 50s – Big Sky Wind Drinkers … UltraRunning’s Runners of the Year… Experiment of One: Training for a 100 Mile by Shawn McDonald … Maine Track Club 50 Mile and 50 Km … and much more

Magazine Issues
UltraRunning Jan-Feb 2004

Featured: Uli Steidl … UR Profile: World Class Ultrarunner … The Middle of the Pack: The Texas Two by Greg Loomis… Experiment of One: Transition Training by Shawn McDonald …Whiskeytown 50 Km … and much more

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